Frequently Asked Questions

Is the license lifetime? Should I pay for the upgrade?

The license never expires and it's lifetime. All updates excluding major version updates are FREE. Major updates (e.g. update from 2.x versions to 3.x) come with 50% discount.

Should I purchase 2 licenses if I want to use Uninstall Tool on two computers at home and at work?

Yes. But there will be a discount for 2 licenses. Another solution is to buy Uninstall Tool in a bundle with AnyToISO and use both programs on two computers.

How should I update Uninstall Tool when the new version (new build) is released?

If you have an earlier version of Uninstall Tool already installed, you can let the installer upgrade (overwrite) your existing installation. The setup will tell you to reboot your computer if required.

Why should I provide my phone number while purchasing?

Our payment processing partner sometimes asks to provide your phone number to minimize the risk of Credit Card Fraud.

Uninstall Tool User Guide

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