Uninstall Tool Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many useful hotkeys defined in Uninstall Tool that can speed up how you work with the program. You can find all the functions in the menu together with associated hotkeys, so you can learn hotkeys just at time of use. Take this list as overview of all hotkeys, not as something you have to know to use Uninstall Tool efficiently.

Application-wide keyboard hotkeys:

  • F1 - Open Help
  • F5 - Refresh the list of programs
  • F9 - Open Preferences
  • Ctrl+Tab - Switch between Uninstaller and Startup functions
  • Ctrl+S - Save (export) current list of apps to a HTML file

Uninstaller keyboard shortcuts:

  • Enter - Uninstall/Modify selected program. Same as performing a double mouse click
  • Shift+Del - Force Removal of selected item(s)
  • Ctrl+G - Search selected program in Google
  • Ctrl+R - Jump to a selected entry in Windows registry
  • Ctrl+E - Open the installation folder for the selected item (if available)
  • Ctrl+W - Open website of the selected item (if available)
  • Esc - Reset search filter

Startup Manager keyboard shortcuts:

  • Shift+Del - Delete selected item(s) from the list
  • Ctrl+G - Search selected program in Google
  • Ctrl+R - Jump to the source of the selected item. Depending on the item source, this action opens Windows registry editor, Start menu folder or Windows Task Manager
  • Ctrl+E - Open installation folder of the selected item (if available)

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