Install Tracker (Installation Monitor)

When you install an app, Install Tracker tracks all changes made to your system.

  • Real-time tracing: no need to capture system snapshots before and after installation.
  • Perfectly accurate: the monitor uses the kernel mode driver (which tracks only 'our' processes).
  • When uninstalling a traced app, Uninstall Wizard deletes every single trace of the app leaving your Windows absolutely clean.
  • Real-time log with detailed information about installation progress with Stop and Revert function.

How to monitor an installation

Can be done in 3 ways:

CrystalIDEA Uninstall Tool
From the right-click menu for a setup file
CrystalIDEA Uninstall Tool
From the bottom toolbar
CrystalIDEA Uninstall Tool
From the Windows Taskbar icon menu

Proceed with installation normally while Uninstall Tool is watching for it. Tracing will be stopped automatically if all processes are finished, otherwise you have to stop it manually when setup is completed.

After successful installation the new program will appear in the list with a 'Traced' mark indicating that all traced data will be removed from your PC (in Uninstall Wizard) during uninstallation after running default uninstaller program (or when using Force Removal feature):

CrystalIDEA Uninstall Tool

Installation Progress

When a traced installation is in progress Uninstall Tool is minimized to system tray. However you can see the real-time progress window by double-clicking on the tray icon or by the tray context menu.

Detailed real-time log
Detailed real-time log

You can stop tracing the installation with optional Revert feature:

Revert Traced Installation

Multiple (embedded) Installations

Installations can often install more than one program at once. Install Tracker is able to detect such situations and handles them in the following way: when installation is completed, Install Tracker displays the list of installed apps and allows user to select the main item. The main item will be displayed in the Apps list with a special icon in the 'Traced' column, other programs will be treated as dependent. When uninstalling a traced app with dependent items, Uninstall Wizard will also remove traced data of every sub-item. A special warning message will be displayed when needed.

CrystalIDEA Uninstall Tool

Appending data to already traced installations

Appending traced data is performed via the Traced Data context menu for a program which is already traced. Appending data can be done when you:

Install Tracker, Append Traced Data

After specifying an executable file, Install Tracker will proceed with tracing and appending all the new data after the selected executable finishes its job.