23/05/2015Macs Fan Control 1.3
New sensors support for some mac models, optimizations, lots of improvements. Detect when running in Paralells virtual machine. Slovak and Chinese translations update. Read complete changelog
 11/04/2015AnyToISO 3.7
DMG extraction speed is highly increased, fixed extraction of some types of DMG files. Various small improvements and fixes. This version no longer supports OS X 10.6
 26/03/2015crystalidea.com now uses HTML5
crystalidea.com is now using modern HTML5 markup and optimized for small-screen devices (phones/tablets). There might be markup validation errors but they will be fixed with time.
 12/02/2015Macs Fan Control 1.2 is out
This update includes lots of improvements and fixes, specially for Mac version. Read complete changelog
 12/02/2015Drop support of OS X 10.6
Current versions of AnyToISO (3.6.3) and Macs Fan Control (1.2.1) for Mac are compatible with OS X 10.6.x (which is about 7% of our OS X website users). Unfortunately future versions of these products will not support 10.6 because it takes a lot of time for us to maintain 10.6 compatibility. Mentioned versions are the last to support 10.6, but one will always be able to download them from the download page. Any Intel Mac that was released after 2006 which CPU is at least "Intel Core 2 Duo " is eligible to install OS X 10.7. Discuss on our forum
 23/01/2015Uninstall Tool 3.4.1
Removed need of elevation dialog when starting Uninstall Tool from desktop shortcut and context menu for exe/msi setup file. Improved stability of shell extension (utshellext.dll). Improved overall stability by bunch of small improvements and bug fixes (including crashes). Switched to Visual C++ 2013. Fixed problem that happened after removing a traced program entry - it appeared in the list again
 14/01/2015AnyToISO 3.6.3
AnyToISO 3.6.3 released with minor bug fix concerning extraction of some ISO (UDF) images
 22/11/2014AnyToISO 3.6.2
Minor update: fixed extracting of some DMG files, small improvements and fixes
 01/11/2014Macs Fan Control 1.2.0 beta 2
Many improvements, including new preferences dialog, improved user interface of fans list, improved display of menu bar text and icon, support of OS X 10.10 dark mode. Learn more
 10/08/2014AnyToISO 3.6.1
Improvements in ZIP extract and ZIP to ISO operations
 22/07/2014Macs Fan Control 1.1.12
Various improvements, recommended for update. Complete changelog, Download for Mac and Windows
 01/07/2014AnyToISO 3.6.0
Support of new types of XBOX ISO images, support of DMG images of GPT type. Extraction of DMG images is now much faster, Improved ISO 9660/UDF images extraction. Lots of other improvements and fixes. Read more
 29/05/2014Uninstall Tool 3.4
New feature: Install/Trace a program and append traced data to an existing traced item. Learn more. Uninstall Wizard now has detailed removal log and is able to export scan result to XML file. Uninstall Wizard is now more stable, advanced and even more effective. Lots of improvements in Install Tracker. Tons of improvements overall, read detailed information.
 04/05/2014Macs Fan Control 1.1.11
Fixed incorrect calculation and display of min/max fan speed (was not enough accurate, e.g. 1793 instead of 1800)
 26/04/2014Uninstall Tool 3.3.4
Minor update with stability improvements in Uninstall Wizard
 04/04/2014Macs Fan Control 1.1.10
Lots of improvements, stability fixes. Read complete changelog
 21/03/2014Macs Fan Control 1.1.9
This update mostly may concern Mac users as it contains multiple minor improvements and fixes for OS X: improved auto-start logic, improved display of menu bar icon. Qt framework updated to 5.2.1 version. Norwegian translation, other translations update. Other small fixes and improvements
 10/02/2014AnyToISO 3.5.2
Automatic updates, IMZ to ISO conversion option, improved UI on Mac and some small bug fixes.
 30/01/2014Macs Fan Control 1.1.8
New version introduces much better UI for Mac including complete support of MacBook Pro Retina displays. Also you might notice new, better preferences window with new black & white menubar icon option. The app now checks for updates (and updates itself) automatically (beta). Lots of fixes and stability improvements. Read compelte list of changes.
 08/01/2014Uninstall Tool 3.3.3
Minor update with various small improvements and bug fixes: UI fixes, tooltips for items with long names, Uninstall Tool in control panel under different categories. Translation updates. Learn more
 23/11/2013Macs Fan Control 1.1.7
Improved support of temperature sensors on MacPro, MacMini and some iMac models. Improved and optimized sensor-based control algorithm. Optimized CPU usage, other small improvements.
 02/11/2013AnyToISO 3.5.1
New RAR5 format support, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Windows 8.1 support, Czech translation update.
 24/10/2013Macs Fan Control 1.1.6
Improved compatibility with Mac OS X Mavericks, improved the way user can change fan speed to a constant value (in the fan control window).
 02/10/2013Macs Fan Control 1.1.5
UI look and feel improvements. Further CPU usage optimizations. Improvements in sensor-based control algorithms. Many other small fixes and improvements.
 13/09/2013Uninstall Tool 3.3.2
Windows 8.1 compatibility, translations update, small bug fixes.
 21/08/2013Macs Fan Control 1.1.0
Major update brings the following features: Precise temperature display option (display decimals, e.g. 45.4), Fan control from tray (menu bar icon) popup menu, Improved display of temperature sensors, separator for disk drives, Numerous improvements and fixes. Detailed information
 22/07/2013Macs Fan Control 1.0.7
Many improvements in Windows version, CPU usage optimizations, many bug fixes since 1.0.1. Complete list of changes
 30/06/2013AnyToISO 3.5 released
New major update of AnyToISO introduces new file format available to extract/convert to ISO: 7Z, XAR, PKG, TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, CPGZ, CPBZ2 and others. Retina display support, many other improvements and fixes
 03/06/2013Uninstall Tool 3.3.1
Startup manager: ability to drag and drop a file to quick add a new autorun program, various small but important fixes and improvements. Indonesian translations, other translations update.
 29/05/2013Macs Fan Control 1.0.1 - final release
After months of beta testing we're happy to release stable and great program Macs Fan Control, downloads available for both Mac OS X and Windows. Read what's new in 1.0.1
 23/03/2013Uninstall Tool 3.3
A big update of Uninstall Tool is out. A brief list of new stuff: tree-like display of applications updates with expand/collapse feature, choosing initial sorting criteria for the list programs, Windows 8 Compatibility, Improved Look & feel when using different DPI screen settings, A lot of small improvements and fixes. Read complete list of changes
 25/12/2012Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013! Special offers for holidays are available in twitter
 27/10/2012AnyToISO 3.4.2
Fixed Folder to ISO conversion in Mac OS (it sometimes caused 'cannot open file' error). Small UI improvements
 07/10/2012Uninstall Tool 3.2.2
Bugfix release: improved Install Tracker accuracy on Windows 7 64-bit. Fixed crash after using Uninstall Wizard in some rare cases. Fixed Small Uninstall Wizard and Install Tracker issues. Fixed an issue of restoring the main window's maximized state if it was minimized to Taskbar previously. Dutch, Danish translations update
 04/10/2012Uninstall Tool: support of Danish interface
Uninstall Tool interface is now available in Danish language. Currently 35 languages are supported.
 04/09/2012AnyToISO 3.4.1
Fixed program hang when converting some some old IMG files. Some minor improvements
 03/09/2012Uninstall Tool 3.2.1
A bugfix maintenance release which fixes important issue with not displaying of some programs in the list (installed with Windows Installer). Also: fixed issue with not refreshing of program list after using Install Tracker, fixed program list scroll bar display on Windows Vista/7. Uninstall Wizard: a bit faster scanning. Some misc fixes have been also introduced.
 22/08/2012Uninstall Tool 3.2
Even faster startup!, Batch Force Removal and Batch Remove Entry functions in Uninstaller; Improved compact view of apps list (see View->Compact List), Right-To-Left languages support (Arabic, Hebrew and Persian); Improved uninstall Wizard scanning: now faster and more accurate and some more
 05/05/2012AnyToISO 3.4
New version of AnyToISO now converts ZIP and RAR archives directly to ISO format. Password protected ZIP/RAR files are also supported.
 24/03/2012SpeedyFox 2.0
New awesome user interface; support Skype, Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird profiles; custom profiles: drag & drop support; remember custom profiles, detailed optimization log, latest SQLITE engine 3.7.11
 16/03/2012Uninstall Tool 3.1.1
A bugfix update that resolves slow scanning in Uninstall Wizard (on x64 systems). In addition: fixed digital signatures of executables (including setup), translation updates (Dutch, Armenian, Chinese).
 28/02/2012Uninstall Tool 3.1
Uninstall Tool now comes in a native 64-bit executable (single setup includes both 64-bit and 32-bit modules and will install the required version depending on the current Windows). We also added 'Install and Trace' item for Windows 7 taskbar popup (preview). Fixed and improved lots of small issues. More info...
 22/01/2012AnyToISO 3.3
New version is able to create BIN/CUE images from disks (including Audio CDs), extract Audio CD images (BIN/CUE and NRG) to .WAV files. CD/DVD/BD to ISO conversion is strongly improved on Windows and Mac, lots of small improvements and bug fixes.
 12/11/2011Uninstall Tool 3.0
Install and trace programs using real-time Install Tracker. Improved User Interface, major improvements in Uninstall Wizard, Startup Manager, a lot of new small features, improvements and fixes. Read all
 09/10/2011AnyToISO 3.2.2
Improved MDF/BIN to ISO conversion, Serbian translation added, small fixes
 08/08/2011AnyToISO 3.2.1
New version now uses Windows 7 Taskbar for displaying current operation progress
 26/03/2011AnyToISO 3.2
AnyToISO 3.2 introduces Portable mode in Windows and Integration with Finder on Mac. The Mac version also brings dynamic dock icon with operation progress. Vietnamese and Romanian interface translations added, some small issues were fixed.
 21/01/2011AnyToISO 3.1
New version is largely noted for Windows Explorer integration and Mac interface improvements. Added translation to German and Swedish. Main icon is changed to a new cool one.
 02/01/2011SpeedyFox 1.6
Added option to run Firefox after optimization (also when running from command line). SQLite engine is updated to 3.7.4 version.
 19/10/2010AnyToISO 3.0
New version of AnyToISO can create ISO from file/folders with different parameters. Improved support of DAA/GBI formats and CD/DVD disk to ISO conversion. Lots of other small issues has been fixed.
 15/10/2010SpeedyFox 1.5 for Mac/Windows
Now SpeedyFox is working on both Windows and Mac. Sqlite engine is also updated to the latest version 3.7.3.
 17/08/2010AnyToISO 2.9
Program interface is now available in French, Italian, Spanish and Greek languages. AnyToISO can be run from command line (useful for batch conversions and automation). Now you can also extract any image of previously supported formats (when only conversion to ISO was possible). Program documentation now comes in universal PDF format on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.
 28/07/2010AnyToISO 2.8
DAA and GBI format limited support. AnyToISO is able to check for new versions automatically on startup. The program interface is available in multiple languages. Translate to your native language.
 28/05/2010AnyToISO 2.7.1
New version introduces improvements in converting CD/DVD disk to ISO: you can open output ISO file after the conversion process, improved support of CD/DVD disks with non standard sector size, detect multi-session CD/DVD disks. Mac OS version of AnyToISO now comes as a Universal Binary
 30/04/2010AnyToISO 2.7
New feature release of AnyToISO can create ISO from CD/DVD/BlueRay images, extract Linux RPM images, FAT16/32 IMG files. Many issues are fixed, program interface is improved. Complete version history
 31/03/2010AnyToISO 2.6.2
New AnyToISO now supports Unicode file names, some rare types of DMG files (without DMG signature); extract ISO feature: support of multiple file systems inside ISO (you can select which FS to extract), added support of HFS+ ISO images
 20/03/2010Uninstall Tool 2.9.7
In this update program preferences are now saved in a file when running in portable mode (instead of registry). Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian languages updated; Control Panel Icon option is disabled when running in Portable Mode, also fixed small issue when replacing Add/Remove Applet in Windows XP.
 05/03/2010Uninstall Tool 2.9.6
New big update with lots of improvements and fixes: including portability, digital signature, tuning of color themes, new confirmation messages, and more. Download page.
 10/02/2010AnyToISO 2.6.1
Added support of BZLIB and ADC compressed DMG files in AnyToISO Converter. Download AnyToISO for your platform.
 05/02/2010AnyToISO 2.6
New version of AnyToISO Converter supports ISZ format now. The ISZ format is an image created with UltraISO program, it can be compressed and/or encrypted (password protected). Segmented images (splitted into multiple volumes) are supported as well. Download AnyToISO for your platform.
 16/11/2009Uninstall Tool 2.9.5
This version of Uninstall Tool is better compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, it also have a new modern (Windows 7 like) way of color theme in the programs list. The 2.9.5 release also contains a couple of bug fixes, read more about changes in this version.
 30/07/2009AnyToISO 2.5
A new major release of AnyToISO introduces UIF format support, it is a CD/DVD image file created using MagicISO program. This format supports compression and password protection (password protection is not supported in AnyToISO at the moment). Download AnyToISO for Windows or Mac.
 21/07/2009AnyToISO 2.4
Now you can extract Debian/Ubuntu Linux DEB files with AnyToISO. DEB format is a compressed installation package (image) that contain different Debian Linux program data (images/executables/etc).
 16/07/2009Uninstall Tool 2.8
Now you can add new startup programs, Uninstall Wizard is improved. The program user interface became even more convenient now: menu icons are added, also you can switch languages from the View menu. This program release contains a number of important bug fixes. View detailed info about this release or download it now.
 26/06/2009AnyToISO 2.3
New version of AnyToISO Converter! Fixed critical problem with some DVD images in UDF file system.
 02/04/2009AnyToISO 2.2
New version of AnyToISO Converter! Now it supports DMG files! Convert DMG and extract dmg files on Windows and Mac OS X!
 19/03/2009Uninstall Tool 2.7.2
New Uninstall Tool 2.7.2 released! New multi-column programs list, improved Startup programs and powerful Uninstall Wizard.
FREE Download now.
 09/03/2009AnyToISO 2.1
New version of AnyToISO Converter! Now it supports Mac OS X! Converts also DAA, UIF CD/DVD images.
 21/01/2009Uninstall Tool 2.7.1
New Uninstall Tool 2.7.1 released! New multi-column programs list, improved Startup programs and powerful Uninstall Wizard.
FREE Download now.
 03/01/2009AnyToISO 2.0
New version of AnyToISO Converter now it supports DAA, UIF CD/DVD images and works not only on Windows but on Mac OS X (build for Mac OS PowerPC version can be downloaded separately). Go to Downloads.
 15/12/2008Uninstall Tool 2.7
New Uninstall Tool 7 released! New multi-column programs list, improved Startup programs and powerful Uninstall Wizard.
FREE Download now.
 01/12/2008AnyToISO Converter
Our new software AnyToISO Converter! Convert BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, B5I CD-ROM images to ISO.
 01/10/2008Uninstall Tool 2.6.3 released
Uninstall Wizard was strongly improved and became more secure. It's highly recommended to update your Uninstall Tool to this version from the download page.
 26/09/2008Uninstall Tool 2.6.2
New Uninstall Tool 2.6.2 released! Powerful UninstallWizard has x64 support now and many improvements.
FREE Download now.
 27/06/2008Uninstall Tool 2.5
New Uninstall Tool 2.5 released! with innovative UninstallWizard that became even better.
FREE Download now.
 16/05/2008Uninstall Tool 2.4
New Uninstall Tool 2.4 released! with innovative UninstallWizard technology.
FREE Download now.
 21/02/2008Uninstall Tool 2.3.2
New Uninstall Tool released Even FASTER and CLEANER applications removal!
FREE Download now.
 29/01/2008Uninstall Tool 2.3.1
New Uninstall Tool with complete X64 Windows Support
FREE Download.
 07/01/2008Uninstall Tool 2.3
New Uninstall Tool
FREE Download.
 01/01/2008Server Problems
If you wish to send an e-mail to support click here
 01/11/2007Uninstall Tool Reviewed by SoftPedia
Uninstall Tool is reviewed by the SoftPedia editorial, and rated the program with Excellent Award! View complete version of the review
 01/11/2007Uninstall Tool 2.2.1
New Uninstall Tool
Download for Free.
 01/11/2007Uninstall Tool 2.1
A new, faster version of Uninstall Tool released. Free download.
 01/11/2007Uninstall Tool 2.2 and foo_dsp_continuator 0.4.1
A new major release of Uninstall Tool brings you the feature of managing programs, that automatically run at system startup. Also it highlights recently installed applications in the program list. foo_dsp_continuator 0.4.1 plugin updated.
 01/11/2007Uninstall Tool 2.0.7
Latvian and Korean languages added to Uninstall Tool
 01/11/2007Spanish Translation added to Uninstall Tool
Spanish Translation added to Uninstall Tool 2.0.5
 01/11/2007Uninstall Tool 2.0.5
Introducing new, faster caching algorithm, and better way of finding install location of programs, ability to browse program installation path with Total Commander program (in case if it's installed), some bug fixes.
 01/11/2007Swedish, Polish and French translation added to Uninstall Tool
Swedish, Polish and French language translations added to Uninstall Tool. The language is automatically detected when you install the program first time. Currently the program support 29 (!) interface languages.
 01/11/2007Japanese Translation in Uninstall Tool
We're happy to inform you about adding Japanese language translation in Uninstall Tool. The language is automatically detected when you install the program on a Windows with Japanese MUI.