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Revert Unread "Badge" to Number in Parentheses in Thunderbird 115 (Supernova)

The recent Thundebird upgrade brought unpleasant (for some) change of unread messages counter. The simple fix provided below reverts this to what it was before.

Before and after the fix


Install ZeroTier on Synology NAS (also ARM64) without Docker

The official ZeroTier tutorial for Synology currently has the following limitations:

  • No ARM64 - Docker (Container Manager) package cannot be installed on older ARM64/aarch64 Synology models (RS819, DS119j, DS418, DS418j, DS218, DS218play and DS118 particularly). Even if you manage to install Docker yourself (might be tricky), the official zerotier-synology image is amd64 only at the moment (there’s a pull request for arm support, hopefully it will be merged some day).
  • Older ZeroTier client: at the time of writing zerotier-synology uses ZeroTier 1.10.6 while the latest version is 1.12.2

If you want to use the latest ZeroTier and/or if you have ARM64-based Synology and/or simply prefer to avoid Docker, this tutorial is for you.


Compile ZeroTier client with no dependecies to use on any Linux

Using the steps below you can successfully compile ZeroTier for x86_64, arm64 and arm32 (armv7) Linux systems. The resulting executable has zero dependencies thanks to static linking thus can be basically used on any Linux, including all Synology NAS models. We used a virtual machine for x86_64 build and Raspberry Pi 4 for arm64 build all running Ubuntu 22.04.



Solving problems using Qt with Xcode 15

Once you upgrade to macOS Sonoma, you have to use Xcode 15 (Xcode 14 won’t work) and might face similar problems described below.


MacBook Pro and Mac mini 2023 suport

We’re happy to announce that the most recent version of Macs Fan Control fully supports new MacBook Pro and Mac mini 2023 with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.


Getting Qt 5.15 LTS source

Last update: 12 April 2024

As you might know, Qt Group doesn’t publish source code neither changelog for Qt 5.15 LTS updates. Instead getting those now requires buying a commercial license starting with Qt 5.15.3. This decision was controversial and pretty unfortunate for many Qt users but luckily Qt Group decided to release source code for each LTS update exactly after 1 year. Qt Group never announced this information officially but according to the upload date on their server, 1 year is what you need to wait before getting the source code.


Mac Studio fan control and fan noise

We’re happy to announce that the most recent version of Macs Fan Control fully supports new Apple Mac Studio 2022 mini desktop computer.


M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro temperatures and fan control

We’re happy to announce that the most recent version of Macs Fan Control fully supports latest Apple Silicon chips M1 Pro & M1 Max on new MacBook Pro 2021. As you can see the app displays both CPU efficiency/performance cores as well as GPU clusters temperatures.


Switching to Plausible Analytics and ditch Google Analytics

We’re happy to announce that we recently switched from Google Analytics to Plausible Analytics, lightweight, privacy-friendly and open-source website analytics tool.


Debug your Qt apps on macOS in Qt Creator (lldb workaround)

Many developers started complaining that lldb debugger shipped with latest XCode update (12.4) no longer works when trying to debug your app. It can be difficult to diagnose the issue because you only see “Debugger started” and “Debugger finished” message in Qt Creator. By using View->Views->Debugger Log you can actually locate the problem and see the “Not allowed to attach to process” error message. Basically lldb now requires your app to be signed with the get-task-allow entitlement which allows other processes (like the debugger) to attach to your app.