AnyToISO - Notes de version

Version 3.9.7

  • Nouveau Universal build for macOS (native Apple Silicon support)
  • Amélioré Multiple UI improvements and fixes
  • Amélioré Turkish translation update
  • Corrigé Miscellaneous fixes

Version 3.9.6

  • Amélioré Notarized for macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed hang when creating ISO from a folder containing .lnk files
  • Corrigé Multiple setup/update issues fixed
  • Corrigé Miscellaneous fixes

Version 3.9.5

  • Nouveau Extract GPT .img files
  • Amélioré The app is now notarized for the upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina release
  • Amélioré Support of Little Snitch Internet Access Policy
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed extraction of FAT32 .img files

Version 3.9.4

  • Amélioré Small improvements related to correct extracting of DMG files with APFS file-system
  • Amélioré Dark theme support on macOS Mojave
  • Amélioré New Preferences dialog
  • Amélioré Switched to Visual Studio 2017 and Qt 5.12
  • Amélioré Translations update

Version 3.9.3

  • Amélioré Small improvements related to correct handling of DMG files

Version 3.9.2

  • Nouveau Support of APFS file system inside DMG files
  • Amélioré Correct handling of symbolic links when extracting DMG files
  • Amélioré Support of DMG files inside ipsw iOS firmware images

Version 3.9.1

  • Nouveau Support of password protected DMG files
  • Corrigé Fixed extracting of certain types of DMG files

Version 3.9.0

  • Nouveau Support of DMG images with LZFSE compression #2
  • Amélioré Support of .pbzx files as payloads inside XAR/PKG archives #4
  • Amélioré After dropping a folder on AnyToISO window it switches the current tab to 'Folder to ISO'
  • Amélioré Improved code to unpack 7Z and RAR archives
  • Amélioré Ukranian, Persian translation update
  • Corrigé Fixed creating broken ISO images from a folder with lots of files #3
  • Corrigé Fixed crash when extracting certain types of DMG images

Version 3.8.2

  • Amélioré Italian translation update
  • Corrigé Fixed extracting/converting of ZIP archives with Unicode file names

Version 3.8.1

  • Amélioré Chinese, Turkish translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed extracting of PKG(XAR) files
  • Corrigé Fixed folders dates inside ISO9660 filesystem when creating ISO

Version 3.8.0

  • Nouveau Support of FAT32 and UDF volumes inside DMG images
  • Nouveau Unicode support inside FAT32 for .img/.ima images
  • Amélioré Increased speed of ISO creation out of an optical disk
  • Amélioré Improved look and feel on HiDPI systems (with high resolution displays)
  • Amélioré Improved and fixed processing of many types of BIN files. Support of mixed mode images
  • Corrigé Fixed creating of BIN/CUE images out of certain types of CD/DVD disks
  • Corrigé Fixed crash when converting some DAA and GBI images
  • Corrigé Fixed app output on Windows 10 when using command line
  • Corrigé Fixed displaying of progress on macOS

Version 3.7.4

  • Amélioré Improved processing of many types of NRG files. Support of multi-session images, fixed extracting of WAV files
  • Amélioré Added support of PFPKG and MPKG files
  • Amélioré Mac: the app is now 64-bit
  • Amélioré German translation update

Version 3.7.3

  • Amélioré Mac: the app can now move itself to the /Applications when it's first run from the other directory
  • Corrigé Fixed processing of certain types of .dmg files
  • Corrigé Fixed processing of certain types of .xz archives
  • Corrigé Fixed problem when app couldn't activate Pro version on Windows 10
  • Corrigé Fixed error handling when dealing with multi-volume RAR archives

Version 3.7.2

  • Amélioré Korean, Persian translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed processing of some types of DMG files
  • Corrigé Fixed crash when converting certain types of DAA images

Version 3.7.1

  • Amélioré Turkish translation update
  • Corrigé Fixed processing of some types of DMG files
  • Corrigé Fixed Windows 'Unknown Publisher' warning

Version 3.7.0

  • Amélioré DMG extraction speed is highly increased
  • Amélioré Various small improvements
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 5.4.1 version. OS X 10.6 is no longer supported
  • Amélioré Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Traditional) translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed extraction of some types of DMG files (e.g. Yosemite installation disk)
  • Corrigé Fixed drag & drop files in OS X Yosemite
  • Corrigé Extracting UDF ISO images with big files can be cancelled now (no hang)
  • Corrigé Creating ISO from a folder now doesn't skip hidden files and folders
  • Corrigé Console output now uses Unicode when AnyToISO runs via command line on Windows

Version 3.6.3

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  • Amélioré Improved stability of shell extension under Windows
  • Amélioré Chinese (Traditional) translation
  • Corrigé Fixed extracting of some ISO files (extracted files appeared broken)

Version 3.6.2

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  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 5.3.2 version. Now using Visual Studio 2013
  • Amélioré Estonian, Latvian translations
  • Corrigé Fixed extracting of some DMG files
  • Corrigé Fixed rare crash of shell extension under Windows

Version 3.6.1

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  • Amélioré Zip extraction is now much faster
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Set correct file date/time for files extracted from ZIP archives

Version 3.6.0

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  • Nouveau Support of new types of XBOX ISO images
  • Nouveau Support of DMG images of GPT type. Extraction of DMG images is now much faster
  • Amélioré Improved ISO 9660/UDF images extraction
  • Amélioré Option to check for updates manually using Help menu (App menu on Mac)
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 5.3.1 version
  • Amélioré Korean, Bulgarian, Persian translations update
  • Corrigé Windows: fixed progress display in window title
  • Corrigé Fixed a rare case of hanging when cancelling RAR archives extraction
  • Corrigé DAA -> ISO: fixed crash on incorrect input file

Version 3.5.2

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  • Nouveau Check for new versions with automatic (Sparkle-like framework) update
  • Nouveau IMZ to ISO conversion
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 5.2.1 version
  • Amélioré Portuguese translation
  • Corrigé Miscellaneous fixes

Version 3.5.1

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  • Nouveau New RAR5 format support
  • Amélioré Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Windows 8.1 support
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 4.8.5 version
  • Amélioré Czech translation update

Version 3.5

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  • Nouveau New file formats to extract/convert to ISO: 7Z, XAR, PKG, TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, CPGZ, CPBZ2 and others
  • Nouveau Support of latest DEB (Debian/Ubuntu linux) format. Option to convert to ISO
  • Nouveau Support of latest RPM linux packages format. Option to convert to ISO
  • Amélioré Support of new kind of DMG format (XAR packed)
  • Amélioré Improved progress display and behaviour
  • Amélioré Mac: Retina display support
  • Amélioré Mac: digital signature to make Gatekeeper happy
  • Amélioré Switched to on-line help
  • Amélioré Indonesian translation
  • Amélioré Many other minor improvements and fixes

Version 3.4.2

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  • Amélioré Small UI improvements
  • Corrigé Fixed Folder to ISO conversion in Mac OS (it sometimes caused 'cannot open file' error)

Version 3.4.1

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  • Amélioré Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8 compatibility improvements
  • Amélioré Mac version is now Intel only, PowerPC Mac users please download latest PPC version here
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 4.8.2 version
  • Amélioré Lithuanian translation
  • Corrigé Fixed program hang when converting some old IMG files

Version 3.4

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  • Nouveau Conversion of ZIP and RAR archives to ISO

Version 3.3.1

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  • Amélioré Windows shell integration on 64-bit systems
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 4.8.1 version
  • Corrigé Creation of ISO from folder (some images were corrupted afterwards)

Version 3.3

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  • Nouveau Create BIN/CUE images from disks (including Audio CDs)
  • Nouveau Extract Audio CD images (BIN/CUE and NRG) to .WAV files
  • Nouveau MDX files support
  • Nouveau Arabic, Bulgarian, Georgian, Persian translation
  • Amélioré CD/DVD/BD to ISO conversion
  • Amélioré DMG to ISO: smoother progress
  • Amélioré HFS+ ISO images extraction
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 4.8 version
  • Corrigé Fixed hang when converting some MDF images to ISO (2448 block size, raw mode)
  • Corrigé Fixed problem in CD to ISO converion on Mac (error #5)
  • Corrigé Unicode file names support in UDF ISO images extraction
  • Corrigé Small bug fixes

Version 3.2.2

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  • Nouveau Serbian translation
  • Amélioré BIN/MDF to ISO conversion
  • Amélioré NRG audio CDs detection
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 4.7.4 version

Version 3.2.1

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  • Nouveau Windows 7: use of new progress in Windows 7 Taskbar
  • Amélioré UIF to ISO conversion supports encrypted files now

Version 3.2

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  • Nouveau Windows: Portable mode
  • Nouveau Mac: integration with Finder
  • Nouveau Mac: dock icon with operation progress. Sample
  • Nouveau Vietnamese and Romanian translations
  • Amélioré Qt framework is updated to 4.7.2 version
  • Corrigé dragging a folder to AnyToISO window (open 'Folder to ISO' tab)
  • Corrigé Mac: program restart
  • Corrigé Windows: automatic language detection

Version 3.1

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  • Nouveau Windows Explorer shell integration
  • Nouveau New main icon
  • Nouveau German, Swedish, Hungarian and Polish translations
  • Amélioré Mac: user interface
  • Corrigé Many small fixes and improvements

Version 3.0

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  • Nouveau Create ISO files from folders on your hard drive (you can also drag & drop a folder to the main window)
  • Nouveau Improved support of DAA/GBI files (it caused errors "#6" and "Not enough size for chunk" on previous versions)
  • Nouveau Mac: Dock icon is bouncing when an operation is completed (only when the main window is not active)
  • Corrigé Disk to ISO under Windows (sometimes the resulting ISO was incomplete)
  • Corrigé Mac: AnyToISO window now hides when closing the window when an operation is in progress
  • Corrigé Canceling of process when extracting a file
  • Corrigé Tab order of controls (when navigation between controls with Tab key)
  • Corrigé Logic of canceling current operation

Version 2.9

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  • Nouveau Extract any image of all previously supported file formats
  • Nouveau Command line support
  • Nouveau French, Italian, Greek, Spanish languages support
  • Nouveau CD to ISO: creating of ISO under Windows, specially on Windows 2000
  • Amélioré Mac OS: Mac: menu bar in a more native style
  • Amélioré Documentation in PDF format

Version 2.8

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  • Nouveau Support of DAA/GBI images
  • Nouveau Updates check feature
  • Nouveau Multi-lingual interface. Translate to your language!
  • Nouveau Preferences dialog

Version 2.7.2

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  • Corrigé UIF to ISO conversion (added mixed image types. For example NRG image inside UIF file, first convert to NRG, then to ISO)

Version 2.7.1

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  • Amélioré Open output ISO file after CD/DVD Disk to ISO process
  • Amélioré Mac OS: the program now comes in Universal Binary
  • Amélioré Mac OS: close button now acts like it should - simply hides the window
  • Corrigé Support of CD/DVD disks with non standard sector size
  • Corrigé Detect multi-session CD/DVD disks

Version 2.7

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  • Nouveau Create ISO from CD/DVD/Blue-Ray disks
  • Nouveau New RPM file format added (extraction)
  • Nouveau Display of current operation percent in window title when the program window is minimized
  • Nouveau Extract FAT32/FAT16 IMG disk images
  • Amélioré Possibility to cancel current operation
  • Amélioré Confirmation when extracting a file to an existent folder
  • Corrigé Fixed program restart after entering registration name and code
  • Corrigé Fixed some wrong file names in ISO 9660 files extraction

Version 2.6.2

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  • Nouveau DMG format: added support of some rare types of DMG
  • Nouveau Extract ISO: support of multiple file systems inside ISO, added support of HFS+ ISO images
  • Amélioré Support of Unicode file names
  • Corrigé Mac OS: invalid disk space warning message

Version 2.6.1

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  • Nouveau support of BZLIB and ADC compressed DMG files

Version 2.6

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  • Nouveau complete support of ISZ format (compressed/encrypted/segmented images)
  • Amélioré main window behavior
  • Corrigé crash on some invalid files
  • Corrigé crash on Mac OS X when converting UIF files

Version 2.5.4

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  • Amélioré handling of PDI images (multi volume images)
  • Amélioré some images detection

Version 2.5.3

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  • Nouveau support of extracting UDF ISO images
  • Corrigé small issues with ISO 9660 extraction

Version 2.5.2

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  • Nouveau extracting ISO images (9660 ISO and Microsoft XBOX ISO)
  • Nouveau command line support (simply run the program with specifying source image file as the first parameter)

Version 2.5.1

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  • Amélioré detection of Audio CD images
  • Amélioré small interface improvements

Version 2.5

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  • Nouveau support of UIF format is back (own implementation, a bit limited)
  • Nouveau open output ISO file (or folder if extraction was selected) in Explorer/Finder
  • Corrigé fixed wrong calculation of estimated disk size in Mac OS X

Version 2.4.1

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  • Nouveau Help file added (on Windows platform only)
  • Amélioré resulting file field is editable now
  • Corrigé fixed converting/extracting of DMG files (crash fix)

Version 2.4

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  • Nouveau added support of DEB - Debian (Ubuntu) Linux image files
  • Amélioré user interface logic
  • Corrigé UIF and DAA formats support is removed due to license violation
  • Corrigé fixed blinking of progress window

Version 2.3

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  • Corrigé Conversion of UDF images (problem with some MDF DVD images)

Version 2.2

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Version 2.1

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  • Nouveau MacOS X version
  • Amélioré user interface
  • Corrigé small bugs

Version 2.0.1

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  • Amélioré improved NRG conversion
  • Amélioré smoother progress

Version 2.0

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  • Nouveau support of DAA and UIF image formats

Version 1.0

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  • Nouveau initial release that supports MDF, BIN, CDI, NRG, IMG, B5I and PDI formats

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