Force removal of an application means removing all its traces (file system and registry items) without running the associated uninstaller.

Force Removal uses Uninstall Wizard ™ technology to find all application traces. When using Force Removal with a traced item the Uninstall Wizard displays all the traced (during installation) leftovers plus some found program data folders/registry keys. In other case Uninstall Wizard ™ performs a deep scan of system registry and file system for unused registry entries and files. Currently it is able to search for the following leftover traces:

files in Program Files, Application Data and other folders
shortcuts on Desktop, in Start Menu, Quick Launch and SendTo menus
correctly remove program COM objects
registry keys/values left by a program
registry keys/values left by Windows Installer (MSI) based installations

Uninstall Wizard ™ works fast and secure - you can always check what is going to be removed.