Macs Fan Control Versionshinweise

Version 1.5.14

Veröffentlicht am 2 Dezember 2022 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu Macbook Pro and MacBook Air M2 #621
  • Verbessert More secure helper tool to avoid possible abuse of SMC interface by malware apps #601
  • Verbessert Display 'Mainboard' sensor for MacBookPro6,1 and MacBookPro6,2 #647
  • Verbessert Improved Windows 10/11 dark mode support #639
  • Verbessert Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish translations update
  • Behoben Fixed update checker when the app was not in /Applications #616
  • Behoben Fixed working with the app when it's used by multiple users #619
  • Behoben Fixed update check on macOS 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11 #623
  • Behoben Automatic update: fixed lost custom presets #543
  • Behoben Fixed loosing of custom presets after reboot under certain conditions #389
  • Behoben Latest SMC initialize error after Boot Camp drivers update #585
  • Behoben Fixed row height in fans/sensors table on Retina displays in Windows #640
  • Behoben Fixed window text being unreadable when using external display under certain conditions #577

Version 1.5.13

Veröffentlicht am 20 Juni 2022 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu Enable optional dock icon (can be turned on/off in preferences) #520
  • Verbessert Removed 'always on top' behaviour for the main window #343
  • Verbessert Simplified sharing technical info & screenshot from the app #604
  • Verbessert Portuguese, Czech, Japanese and Korean translations update
  • Behoben Fixed regression bug with fan spinning in sleep mode on some iMac models #594
  • Behoben Fixed crash on macOS 10.13 when clicking the menu bar icon #603

Version 1.5.12

Veröffentlicht am 4 April 2022 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu Mac Studio 2022 support #586
  • Verbessert Improved macOS Monterey compatibility
  • Verbessert Dutch, French, Chinese (Simplified) translations update
  • Behoben Fixed Apple Silicon laptops not entering the sleep mode with fan on #568

Version 1.5.11

Veröffentlicht am 16 November 2021 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu Added full support for latest 14” and 16” M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro (2021) #550
  • Neu Compatibility with Windows 11 #530
  • Verbessert Faster startup speed on Windows (specially with T2 chips) #549
  • Behoben Fixed menubar icon not saving its position in macOS Big Sur/Monterey #555
  • Behoben Fixed app being blocked on Windows by some 3rd party gaming anti-cheat programs (Vanguard and Faceit Anti-Cheat) #325

Version 1.5.10

Veröffentlicht am 8 Oktober 2021 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Uninstall the app completely including the fan helper tool via the More -> Uninstall command #492
  • Verbessert For next updates the app will download >30% smaller files thanks to more efficient XZ compression format #539
  • Verbessert Added a warning message for macOS 10.7 to notify user that update is possible only manually #239
  • Verbessert Improved Windows setup experience
  • Behoben Fixed app stopped responding after minor macOS Big Sur upgrades on Apple Silicon #500
  • Behoben Fixed text being cut off in macOS Big Sur menubar #502
  • Behoben Fixed app unable to quit from the full screen mode #506
  • Behoben Fixed eGPU temperature sensor display even when turned eGPU option was off in Preferences #508
  • Behoben Fixed temperature readings freeze on MacBookPro12,1 when working on battery #433
  • Behoben Fixed not showing of SMC temperature sensors on Hackintosh #448
  • Behoben Fixed preventing of ejection of connected USB drives on Windows #473

Version 1.5.9

Veröffentlicht am 15 April 2021 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu Added full support for Apple Silicon Macs (MacBook Air/Pro and new Mac mini) #435
  • Neu Main download is now a Universal binary for macOS 10.13 and higher with Big Sur and Apple Silicon support. Macs Fan Control for macOS 10.12 (and below) is now a separate download
  • Verbessert German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Thai, Ukrainian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Turkish, Catalan, translations update
  • Behoben Fixed restoring of menubar icon position once it's changed by a user #430
  • Behoben Fixed menubar display under macOS Big Sur #408
  • Behoben Fixed a memory leak which could cause app memory usage steadily increase over time #214


Veröffentlicht am 5 Oktober 2020 | Download über GitHub
  • Behoben Fixed reading of GPU temperatures #400
  • Behoben Fixed missing GPU Proximity / Heatsink sensors on some Mac models #406

Version 1.5.8

Veröffentlicht am 25 September 2020 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu Display temperature of discrete GPU (eGPU) #209
  • Neu New app icon to match new macOS Big Sur style #397
  • Neu New virtual temperature sensor CPU Core (average) #235
  • Verbessert Improved switching between presets from menubar #281
  • Verbessert Display of discrete GPU model instead for the GPU Diode sensor
  • Verbessert Inverted menu bar icon for macOS night mode #365
  • Verbessert Improved preferences window
  • Verbessert Support of iMac 2020 27" 5k #382
  • Verbessert Improve warning message on computers without fans #309
  • Behoben Fixed issue when the app didn't always restore automatic fan control upon computer restart #387
  • Behoben Fixed UI glitch allowing setting of max temperature below min value when setting up sensor-based control #320
  • Behoben Fixed crash on some Hackintosh machines #324
  • Behoben Fixed displaying of temperatures of multiple drives with the same model on classic MacPro5,1 #246

Version 1.5.7

Veröffentlicht am 28 Mai 2020 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Tip on explaining how to create a new custom fan preset the first time #311
  • Verbessert Windows: dark mode support #299
  • Verbessert Swedish, Turkish translations update
  • Behoben Fixed number of reported fans on XServe hardware #314
  • Behoben Fixed custom presets disappearing on Windows after reboot #321

Version 1.5.6

Veröffentlicht am 27 März 2020 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Windows: the app now works in Windows 10 on iMac Pro (2017) and Mac Pro (2019) #262
  • Verbessert Added Mac Pro 2019 fan names
  • Behoben Fixed unresponsive modal dialog(s) in certain scenarios after opening other dialogs from the menubar #297

Version 1.5.5

Veröffentlicht am 16 März 2020 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Windows: option to ignore wrong hardware and silently close #283
  • Behoben Fixed crash on some machines under macOS Catalina #249
  • Behoben Fixed menubar icon display after automatic switch from/to dark theme under macOS Catalina #271
  • Behoben Windows: fixed crash while updating the app in certain scenarios
  • Behoben Windows: fixed innecessary warning of potential BSOD #268
  • Behoben Windows: fixed setup when user name contains spaces #265
  • Behoben Windows: fixed installation getting stuck on some machines #273

Version 1.5.4

Veröffentlicht am 13 Januar 2020 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu The app now works in Windows 10 also on modern computers that have the T2 security chip. More info
  • Behoben Fixed setting same manual fan RPM twice in a row after going back to Auto #253

Version 1.5.3

Veröffentlicht am 4 Dezember 2019 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Spanish, French, Ukrainian translations update
  • Behoben Fixed crash when disconnecting external monitors #238
  • Behoben Fixed menubar appearance in macOS Catalina with automatic light/dark mode switch preference

Version 1.5.2

Veröffentlicht am 25 November 2019 | Download über GitHub
  • Behoben The main download is now again compatible with macOS 10.12 and later #211
  • Behoben Fixed menubar display in macOS 10.7 Lion #236

Version 1.5.1

Veröffentlicht am 8 November 2019 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Better support of MacBookAir 2019 and MacBookPro 2019
  • Verbessert Better readability of the menubar icon text
  • Verbessert CPU usage improvements
  • Verbessert Notarized for macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Verbessert Detection and solving of situation when the helper tool couldn't be installed #226
  • Behoben Fixed menubar not getting grayed out when switching between monitors
  • Behoben Fixed menubar display after automatic switch of dark/light theme in macOS Catalina
  • Behoben Minor improvements, fixed couple of memory leaks

Version 1.5

Veröffentlicht am 23 September 2019 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu New helper tool that must improve CPU usage and stability.
  • Neu Fan presets (only in Pro version #176
  • Neu Dark mode support in macOS Mojave #117
  • Neu New improved Preferences dialog
  • Neu Display connected NVMe drives temperatures
  • Neu New option in preferences to enable/disable reading of connected SMART and/or NVMe drives temperatures.
  • Verbessert Support of Little Snitch Internet Access Policy
  • Verbessert Better support of Macmini and MacBookAir 2018
  • Behoben Fixed detection and displaying of CPU cores on different machines
  • Behoben Fixed random crashes #122
  • Behoben Fixed autostart setting re-enabling itself every time on Windows. #169

Version 1.4.12

Veröffentlicht am 19 September 2018 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Better support of the latest MacBook Pro 2018 models
  • Verbessert Added displaying of SSD temperature on MacBook Pro 2017-2018
  • Verbessert Turn on/off default app behavior to check for updates on startup (in the Preferences dialog)
  • Behoben Fixed moving the app itself to the Applications folder on the first start

Version 1.4.11

Veröffentlicht am 31 August 2018 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Improved compatibility with MacBook Pro 2018
  • Verbessert Translations update

Version 1.4.10

Veröffentlicht am 5 März 2018 | Download über GitHub
  • Neu iMac Pro support (only on macOS) #32
  • Verbessert Optimized CPU usage
  • Verbessert Better hiDPI support on Windows
  • Verbessert Translations update
  • Behoben Fixed MacBookPro13,3 fixed CPU Core numeration
  • Behoben Fixed centering of menubar icon

Version 1.4.9

Veröffentlicht am 19 Dezember 2017 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Optimized CPU usage and startup time
  • Verbessert Qt framework is updated to 5.6.3 version
  • Verbessert Checking for updates using HTTPS
  • Verbessert Minor small improvements
  • Verbessert Translations update


Veröffentlicht am 6 Juni 2017 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Ukranian translation
  • Behoben Fixed compatibility with macOS 10.13 beta (High Sierra)

Version 1.4.8

Veröffentlicht am 23 Mai 2017 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Correct behavior when no fans are detected
  • Behoben Fixed multiple issues in the updater dialog
  • Behoben Minor small fixes

Version 1.4.7

Veröffentlicht am 17 Januar 2017 | Download über GitHub
  • Behoben Fixed maxing out fans on iMacs when switching between users or shutdown/restart

Version 1.4.6

Veröffentlicht am 9 Januar 2017 | Download über GitHub
  • Behoben Fixed multiple issues with the previous update

Version 1.4.5

Veröffentlicht am 5 Januar 2017 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Restore automatic fan control after the app quits
  • Verbessert The app binary is now 64-bit on macOS
  • Verbessert Added 'Expansion Slots' sensor on MacPro1,1, MacPro2,1, MacPro3,1
  • Behoben Fixed CPU sensors naming on MacBookPro11,5

Version 1.4.4

Veröffentlicht am 30 September 2016 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Improved compatibility with macOS Sierra
  • Behoben Fixed incorrect display of fans RPMs and disappearing of temperature sensors

Version 1.4.3

Veröffentlicht am 27 Juni 2016 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Polish, French, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazilian) translations update
  • Behoben Mac: fixed disappearing controls after computer restart on some systems
  • Behoben Windows: fixed compatibility with Windows XP
  • Behoben Windows: fixed 'unsuported hardware detected' error
  • Behoben Windows: fixed crash on startup on certain hardware

Version 1.4.2

Veröffentlicht am 22 April 2016 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert French translation update
  • Behoben IMPORTANT: if you get 'Error extracting update' please update the app manually. Apologies
  • Behoben Fixed problem with broken menubar icon preferences

Version 1.4.1

Veröffentlicht am 19 April 2016 | Download über GitHub
  • Verbessert Fan & sensor table width now can be changed with a splitter between them
  • Verbessert Removed warning when running under VMware (no warning) on Windows
  • Verbessert Qt framework is updated to 5.6.0 version
  • Behoben Fixed detecting of apple hardware under Windows
  • Behoben Fixed digital signature for the setup file under Windows 10
  • Behoben Small improvements and fixes

Version 1.4.0

Veröffentlicht am 14 März 2016
  • Verbessert Major improvements on sensors support on most mac models (including iMac5k and Mac Pro 2013)
  • Verbessert Temperature and fan speed are now displayed using single line in the menu bar (old two lines mode can be turned on in Preferences)
  • Verbessert Improved menu bar popup menu (tray menu on Windows)
  • Verbessert The app can now move itself to the /Applications when it's first run from the other directory
  • Verbessert Lots of small fixes and improvements to improve usability and stability of the app
  • Verbessert Added ability to rate the app at Macupdate to help us improve MFC
  • Behoben Fixed automatic update of the app on Mac
  • Behoben Fixed bug with detection of old hardware after transfering system to another hardware
  • Behoben Fixed problem with missing menu bar icon under El Capitan with auto-hide menu bar option on

Version 1.3.3

Veröffentlicht am 31 Dezember 2015
  • Verbessert Better OS X El Capitan compatibility
  • Verbessert Lithuanian and Thai translations, other translations update
  • Verbessert Qt framework is updated to 5.5.1 version

Version 1.3.2

Veröffentlicht am 11 Oktober 2015
  • Behoben Fixed compatibility with OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Version 1.3.1

Veröffentlicht am 30 August 2015
  • Verbessert Windows 10 support
  • Verbessert Qt framework is updated to 5.5.0 version
  • Verbessert Polish and Vietnamese translations update
  • Behoben Windows: fixed 'unsuported hardware detected' error

Version 1.3.0

Veröffentlicht am 22 Mai 2015
  • Verbessert Optimized reading of temperature of internal Apple SSD (retina MacBooks, MacPro6,1, iMacs)
  • Verbessert HDD Proximity sensor for some iMac models
  • Verbessert Support of 2 GPU cards on MacPro6,1 (late 2013)
  • Verbessert Grayed out temperatures after restoring from menu bar until the are updated
  • Verbessert Detect when running in Paralells virtual machine (displays warning)
  • Verbessert New refactored menu bar icon code (tray icon on Windows)
  • Verbessert Qt framework is updated to 5.4.1 version. OS X 10.6 is no longer supported
  • Verbessert Slovak and Chinese translations update
  • Behoben Fixed reading of Ambient temperature on iMac13,2 and iMac14,1

Version 1.2.1

Veröffentlicht am 14 Februar 2015
  • Verbessert Hi-dpi screen mode support on Windows (125%, 150%, etc)
  • Verbessert Portuguese and Czech translations update
  • Behoben Fixed wrong CPU temperature readings on MacPro1,1

Version 1.2

Veröffentlicht am 12 Februar 2015
  • Neu New preferences dialog
  • Verbessert Improved user interface of fans list
  • Verbessert Mac: improved display of menu bar text and icon, support of OS X 10.10 dark mode
  • Verbessert Optimized CPU usage
  • Verbessert Added CPU A(B) Temperature Diode sensor for Mac Pro
  • Verbessert Icon for GPU related sensors
  • Verbessert More technical information that can copied for diagnostics (see Preferences)
  • Verbessert Bulgarian and Hungarian translations
  • Behoben Exclude displaying of external USB drives on Mac
  • Behoben Fixed calculating of temperature on Mac Pros for CPU A(B) core sensors
  • Behoben Fixed fine-tuning of sensor-based mode in Fahrenheit
  • Behoben Fixed display value of Ambient sensor on iMac14,2
  • Behoben Fixed error message (initializing SMC) under Windows automatic startup


Veröffentlicht am 1 Dezember 2014
  • Verbessert Moved to Qt 5.3.2
  • Verbessert Moved to Visual C++ 2013 on Windows
  • Behoben Fixed updater


Veröffentlicht am 7 September 2014
  • Verbessert Small improvements in user interface


Veröffentlicht am 23 Juli 2014
  • Verbessert Added PECI GPU sensor for macs with integrated graphics
  • Behoben Regression fix: rare crash on startup

Version 1.1.12

Veröffentlicht am 22 Juli 2014
  • Verbessert Improved sensor-based mode by handling sleep/wake-up notifications
  • Verbessert Mac: significant increase of startup speed
  • Verbessert Mac: improved accessibility for users using VoiceOver
  • Verbessert Vietnamise, Korean, Portuguese and Persian translations update
  • Verbessert /log parameter to activate logging
  • Verbessert Qt framework updated to 5.3.1 version
  • Behoben Windows: fixed rare crash when restoring the app from system tray
  • Behoben Windows: fixed autostart when MacBook Pro is running on battery
  • Behoben Windows: fixed issue preventing MFC running on some macs under Windows (MacBookPro5,1)

Version 1.1.11

Veröffentlicht am 4 Mai 2014
  • Verbessert Croatian, German and Slovak translations update
  • Behoben Fixed incorrect calculation and display of min/max fan speed (was not enough accurate, e.g. 1793 instead of 1800)

Version 1.1.10

Veröffentlicht am 4 April 2014
  • Neu Mac: /minimized command line parameter to start the app without opening window
  • Verbessert Mac: hotkeys - "Cmd+W" to close main window, "Cmd+," to open preferences
  • Verbessert Mac: do not prompt for admin password when running MFC for the first time
  • Verbessert PSU (Power Supply Unit) sensor icon, minor optimizations and improvements
  • Verbessert Czech, Chinese and Korean translations update
  • Behoben Mac: fixed smc-write crashes on Mac OS 10.6 under certain conditions
  • Behoben Mac: fixed self-update problem under certain conditions
  • Behoben Windows: fixed auto-start on Windows 7 when UAC is enabled

Version 1.1.9

Veröffentlicht am 21 März 2014
  • Neu Norwegian translation, other translations update
  • Verbessert Mac: improved auto-start logic
  • Verbessert Mac: Improved display of menu bar icon in Mac
  • Verbessert Qt framework updated to 5.2.1 version
  • Verbessert Mac: other small fixes and improvements


Veröffentlicht am 30 Januar 2014
  • Verbessert Arabic, French translation update
  • Behoben Fixed crash on some Mac systems with accessibility options (problem in Qt 5.2.0)

Version 1.1.8

Veröffentlicht am 29 Januar 2014
  • Neu Mac: major UI improvements for the main window and child dialogs (sheets). Complete support of MacBook Pro Retina displays
  • Neu Mac: black & white menubar icon option
  • Neu Check for new versions with automatic (Sparkle-like framework) update. Beta!
  • Neu Slovenian translation
  • Verbessert The app finally switched from Qt 4.8.5 to Qt 5.2.0 framework (latest version)
  • Verbessert Optimized threads responsiveness and the way the app quits
  • Behoben Sensor-based control: fixed issue with restoring control after waking from sleep
  • Behoben Fixed a rare hang when switching fan mode from menubar (tray icon on Windows) popup menu
  • Behoben Mac: fixed application behaviour when using Cmd+Q to quit

Version 1.1.7

Veröffentlicht am 22 November 2013
  • Neu Finnish and Turkish translations
  • Verbessert Improved support of temperature sensors on MacPro, MacMini and some iMac models
  • Verbessert Improved and optimized sensor-based control algorithm
  • Verbessert Optimized CPU usage
  • Verbessert Small UI improvements

Version 1.1.6

Veröffentlicht am 24 Oktober 2013
  • Verbessert Improved compatibility with Mac OS X Mavericks
  • Verbessert Improved the way user can change fan speed to a constant value (in the fan control window)
  • Behoben Removed unsupported sensor on iMac 11,3

Version 1.1.5

Veröffentlicht am 1 Oktober 2013
  • Verbessert UI look and feel improvements e.g. fans list looks much prettier now
  • Verbessert Improvements in sensor-based control algorithms when temperature changes quicker than expected (Discussion)
  • Verbessert Further CPU usage optimizations, specially when fan control is set to a constant value
  • Verbessert Thread-safe stability improvements
  • Behoben Removed displaying of unsupported temperature sensors (e.g. iMac10,1)
  • Behoben Windows: fixed crash when updating Macs Fan Control while the program is running

Version 1.1.1

Veröffentlicht am 6 September 2013
  • Neu Korean and Danish translations
  • Verbessert Improved stability and sensors support on some systems (iMac13,1)
  • Behoben Mac: fixed problem with not displaying of menu bar icon menu (when app was started minimized)
  • Behoben Fixed sensor-based control issue when waking mac from sleep (Discussion)

Version 1.1.0

Veröffentlicht am 21 August 2013
  • Neu Precise temperature display option (display decimals, e.g. 45.4)
  • Neu Fan control from tray (menu bar icon) popup menu
  • Neu Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Greek and Swedish translations
  • Verbessert Improved display of temperature sensors, separator for disk drives
  • Verbessert Windows: minimize on close
  • Verbessert Numerous improvements and fixes

Version 1.0.7

Veröffentlicht am 22 Juli 2013
  • Neu Romanian, Czech and Slovak translations
  • Verbessert Windows: faster reading of temperature values, CPU usage optimization
  • Behoben Fixed some issues that could cause potential crash or instability
  • Behoben Windows: fixed problem when Macs Fan Control displayed zeros for all values (Discussion)

Version 1.0.6

Veröffentlicht am 9 Juli 2013
  • Verbessert Improved support of temperature sensor of some HDD/SSDs (e.g. Samsung SSD Pro 840)
  • Verbessert Mac: digital signature to make Gatekeeper happy
  • Behoben Fixed crashing on quit under some conditions

Version 1.0.5

Veröffentlicht am 6 Juli 2013
  • Verbessert Qt framework update (4.8.5)
  • Behoben Mac: fixed excessive logging to console log
  • Behoben Windows: fixed tray icon with increased screen DPI scaling

Version 1.0.4

Veröffentlicht am 1 Juli 2013
  • Neu Persian translation
  • Verbessert Significant CPU usage optimization when Macs Fan Control is working in background
  • Behoben Mac: fixed exclusive access to HDD S.M.A.R.T. data, prevented other apps from reading S.M.A.R.T. or eject a drive

Version 1.0.3

Veröffentlicht am 19 Juni 2013
  • Neu Italian translation
  • Behoben Fixed automatic startup option on Windows 8

Version 1.0.2

Veröffentlicht am 7 Juni 2013
  • Neu Chinese and Japanese translations
  • Behoben Fixed displaying of invalid temperature value (128 C) on some hardware

Version 1.0.1

Veröffentlicht am 29 Mai 2013
  • Neu French, German and Polish translations
  • Verbessert Mac: improved appearance on MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • Behoben Mac: fixed warning message of non-supported file system
  • Behoben Mac: fixed an important memory leak in sensor-based controlling mode
  • Behoben Minor stability fixes

Version 1.0 beta 5

Veröffentlicht am 12 Mai 2013
  • Neu Localization support
  • Verbessert Support of more temperature sensors (on MacPro as well)
  • Verbessert Many small improvements and fixes
  • Behoben Mac: fixed some memory leaks
  • Behoben Removed unsupported sensors from sensors list
  • Behoben Windows: fixed problem with not displaying of HDDs
  • Behoben Windows: fixed detecting of some Macs

Version 1.0 beta 4

Veröffentlicht am 21 April 2013
  • Behoben Fixed sensor-based control problem when fan value exceeded maximum allowed value

Version 1.0 beta 3

Veröffentlicht am 10 April 2013
  • Neu New preferences dialog
  • Neu Fahrenheit temperature scale option
  • Neu Mac: display of fan RPM and/or temperature sensor value in menu bar
  • Verbessert Improved user interface
  • Behoben Small fixes

Version 1.0 beta 2

Veröffentlicht am 24 März 2013
  • Behoben Fixed compatibility with Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Version 1.0 beta

Veröffentlicht am 10 März 2013
  • Neu initial release for Windows and Mac with support of controlling of any fan speed, temperature sensors pane, tray(menu bar) icon and autostart with system option


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