Uninstall Tool - Notes de version

Version 3.7.4

  • Nouveau Uninstall apps via context menu of Desktop shortcuts #104
  • Amélioré Slovenian translation update
  • Corrigé Fixed situation when message window height was too big with lots of dependent apps #73
  • Corrigé Fixed extracting and displaying of certain app icons

Version 3.7.3

  • Amélioré The app can now be installed on arm64 Windows 11 in emulation mode #66
  • Amélioré Slovak and Chinese (Simplified) translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed incorrect detection of some 32 and 64-bit apps #126

Version 3.7.2

  • Amélioré German, Slovenian and Ukraininan translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed displaying of date in the system locale #115
  • Corrigé Fixed some rare crash on exit #125
  • Corrigé Fixed some rare crash when using install tracker context menu #124

Version 3.7.1

  • Corrigé Fixed Windows 10/11 dark theme/mode
  • Corrigé Fixed icon detection for some Microsoft Store apps
  • Corrigé Fixed icon and name detection for some startup apps (Discord)

Version 3.7.0

  • Nouveau Windows 10/11 dark theme/mode #104
  • Nouveau Windows 11 shell extension (context menu for Install Tracker) support #110
  • Corrigé Fixed context menu clash with NVIDIA context menu #107
  • Corrigé Fixed shell extension preventing of pinning shortcuts to start menu and starting apps as administrator #101

Version 3.6.1

  • Nouveau Ability to specify a trace log file path via command line when installing an app with Install Tracler (/install_log) #10
  • Amélioré Ukraininan translation update
  • Corrigé Fixed invalid installation date for Windows Store apps on Windows 11 #93
  • Corrigé Fixed BSOD when using Install Tracker on Windows 11 22h2 #97

Version 3.6.0

  • Nouveau Displaying of startup items coming from Windows UWP Apps #78
  • Nouveau Startup Manager: activate with a taskbar task and with a command line switch #79
  • Amélioré Improved setup process
  • Amélioré Better detection of startup items listed in the Windows task scheduler
  • Amélioré Better detection of child uninstall processes
  • Amélioré Better detection of an app installation date
  • Amélioré Now compatible with Windows 7 and later. Read more #80
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Search filter is reset when first loading of Windows Store Apps #77
  • Corrigé Fixed Shell Extension crashing Windows Explorer crash with NVIDIA shell extension installed #75
  • Corrigé Fixed running portable version of the app from a path containing a space

Version 3.5.10

  • Corrigé Fixed error 740 when launching Install tracker using context menu on some computers #47
  • Corrigé Fixed removal of disabled startup tasks
  • Corrigé Fixed rare crash when uninstalling certain apps with Uninstall Wizard
  • Corrigé Multiple small fixes

Version 3.5.9 Build 5660

  • Corrigé Fixed regression: highlighting of recent apps #45
  • Corrigé Fixed removal of disabled startup items
  • Corrigé Fixed calculation of total occupied space of all apps

Version 3.5.9

  • Nouveau Simplified app launch without User Account Control (UAC) confirmation. The option can be activated during setup as well as in the Preferences
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed tracing of Spotify installer #38
  • Corrigé Fixed missing icons for Windows Store apps when display scale is more than 100%
  • Corrigé Fixed pinning the app icon to the Windows 10 Taskbar during setup

Version 3.5.8

  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed calculating of occupied size for certain apps
  • Corrigé Fixed saving of window position when using Install Tracker via context menu #9
  • Corrigé Fixed missing icons for some Windows Store apps #29
  • Corrigé Fixed Uninstall Wizard window border missing on Windows 10

Version 3.5.7

  • Amélioré Install Tracker: better support of different installers (e.g. ones created with Squirrel installation framework)
  • Amélioré Recompiled in Visual Studio 2017 for better optimization and improved stability

Version 3.5.6

  • Amélioré Better About dialog with Privacy policy, EULA and Uninstall information
  • Amélioré Translations update

Version 3.5.5

  • Amélioré Optimized the app size (smaller)
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed drawing disabled icons on a retina-screen

Version 3.5.4

  • Amélioré Better RTL (Hebrew & Arabic languages) support
  • Corrigé Fixed detection of an app install location and date in some scenarios
  • Corrigé Fixed incorrect names for some Windows Store Apps
  • Corrigé Misc fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.3

  • Corrigé Fixed detection of Windows Store Apps icons
  • Corrigé Fixed detection of install location of certain apps (Adobe products)
  • Corrigé Fixed enabling/disabling of startup apps

Version 3.5.2

  • Nouveau Uninstall Tool now remembers (apps list) sorting parameters between its launches
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard leftovers scan speed is significantly increased (really noticeable, specially on Windows 10)
  • Amélioré Size calculation algorithm now includes data folders (e.g. in AppData, MyDocuments and others)
  • Amélioré Increased list item height from 32 to 40 px for better readability
  • Amélioré Install Tracker now supports .msp files to append traced data
  • Amélioré The app now works on older CPUs without SSE2 support (Windows XP 32-bit)
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed Install Tracker now works in Windows 10 with Secure Boot turned on in BIOS
  • Corrigé Fixed waiting for uninstall process(es) for some apps
  • Corrigé Fixed delayed removal (after restart) of empty folders in Uninstall Wizard
  • Corrigé Fixed calculating of apps installation date in Windows 10
  • Corrigé Fixed displaying of apps updates (sub-items)
  • Corrigé Fixed algorithm of initial sorting of programs by occupied size
  • Corrigé Fixed incorrect detection of apps as recent
  • Corrigé Misc fixes and improvements

Version 3.5.1

  • Amélioré Improved calculating of occupied space of an app
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Improvements for Windows Tasks in Startup programs
  • Corrigé Multiple bug fixes in trial version

Version 3.5.0

  • Nouveau Uninstall Windows Store Apps (also in batch uninstall) on Windows 8 and later. Read more
  • Nouveau Startup manager now displays tasks that automatically start on user logon. You can also add a new scheduled task with Uninstall Tool
  • Nouveau Install Tracker now monitors file/folder rename operations to provide even more accurate and fundamental tracing
  • Nouveau Launch Windows Task scheduler from Tools->System Tools menu
  • Amélioré Better user interface experience with HiDPI display modes (e.g. 150% or 200% on modern 4k, 5k displays)
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard: detection and force termination of running processes, displaying of their PIDs
  • Amélioré Cached program data is now smaller and is loaded faster
  • Amélioré 32-bit apps are now marked with "32-bit" mark when running on 64-bit Windows (may be turned off)
  • Amélioré Number of fixes and improvements in Uninstall Wizard

Version 3.4.5

  • Amélioré Added a setup option to pin the app to Windows Taskbar
  • Corrigé Fixed activating of app under Windows 10
  • Corrigé Improved stability, fixed small bugs

Version 3.4.4

  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed displaying of https links on the left panel
  • Corrigé Fixed a rare crash causes by buffer overflow in some certain situations

Version 3.4.3

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  • Amélioré Better Windows 10 support
  • Amélioré Improved stability, fixed some potential crashes
  • Amélioré Translations update

Version 3.4.2

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  • Amélioré Better look in hi-dpi screen mode (e.g. 150%)
  • Amélioré Translations update

Version 3.4.1

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  • Amélioré Removed need of elevation dialog when starting Uninstall Tool from desktop shortcut and context menu for exe/msi setup file
  • Amélioré Improved stability of shell extension (utshellext.dll)
  • Amélioré Improved overall stability by bunch of small improvements and bug fixes (including crashes)
  • Amélioré Switched to Visual C++ 2013
  • Corrigé Fixed number of false positive registry keys that could be captured by Install Tracker
  • Corrigé Fixed problem that happened after removing a traced program entry - it appeared in the list again

Version 3.4

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  • Nouveau Install/Trace a program and append traced data to an existing traced item. Learn more
  • Nouveau Uninstall Wizard: detailed removal log of each item
  • Nouveau Uninstall Wizard: export scan results to XML file
  • Amélioré Run Uninstall Wizard if default uninstall program succeeded but freezed and user canceled waiting
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard now supports delayed removal (after reboot) of folders of any depth
  • Amélioré Improved readability of Install Tracker installation log which is now also Unicode (UTF8)
  • Amélioré Startup manager: improvements and fixes
  • Amélioré Numerous small improvements and fixes
  • Amélioré Support of Total Commander x64 for jumping to an app's installation location
  • Corrigé Uninstall Wizard: fixed memory leaks
  • Corrigé Fixed problem that prevented some InstallShield msi-based executables to start with Install Tracker
  • Corrigé Fixed removal of .xml files of traced programs
  • Corrigé Fixed waiting while some NSIS-based uninstallers finish their job
  • Corrigé Fixed duplicates in the traced XML

Version 3.3.4

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  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard scanning speed
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Stability improvements in Uninstall Wizard

Version 3.3.3

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  • Amélioré UI fixes, tooltips for items with long names, Uninstall Tool in control panel under different categories
  • Amélioré Hindi translation, other translations update
  • Amélioré Improved creating of unhandled exception reports
  • Corrigé Fixed resetting of search filter after removing a program
  • Corrigé Small bug fixes and improvements, potential crash fixes

Version 3.3.2

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  • Amélioré Windows 8.1 compatibility
  • Amélioré Translations update
  • Corrigé Small bug fixes

Version 3.3.1

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  • Amélioré Startup manager: ability to drag and drop a file to quick add a new autorun program
  • Amélioré Indonesian translation
  • Corrigé Fixed search filter behaviour when using keyboard up/down keys
  • Corrigé Fixed small issue when navigating to a collapsed recent program (it's parent is collapsed)
  • Corrigé Fixed abnormal program termination in some cases

Version 3.3

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  • Nouveau Tree-like display of applications updates with expand/collapse feature. By default parent items are collapsed but you can tune this feature in Preferences
  • Nouveau Choosing initial sorting criteria for the list programs. See preferences for Uninstaller
  • Nouveau Windows 8 Compatibility, use of its selection theme for items
  • Nouveau Crash report feature to allow users sending reports in case of critical errors
  • Amélioré Look & feel when using different DPI screen settings (125% etc)
  • Amélioré Improved algorithm of searching for program installation path and icon
  • Amélioré Improved drawing of application list, improved columns width for different languages
  • Amélioré Setup: option to keep traced items information when removing Uninstall Tool
  • Corrigé Fixed uninstalling of some 32-bit programs on 64-bit version of Windows
  • Corrigé Fixed sorting of list items in some cases
  • Corrigé Fixed some potentially weak places that may cause crash in some situations
  • Corrigé A lot of small improvements and fixes

Version 3.2.2

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  • Amélioré Install Tracker accuracy on Windows 7 64-bit
  • Amélioré Dutch, Danish translations update
  • Corrigé Crash after using Uninstall Wizard in some rare cases
  • Corrigé Small Uninstall Wizard and Install Tracker issues
  • Corrigé An issue of restoring the main window's maximized state if it was minimized to taskbar before

Version 3.2.1

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  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard: a bit faster scanning
  • Corrigé Fixed important issue with not displaying of some programs in the list (installed with Windows Installer)
  • Corrigé Fixed issue with not refreshing of program list after using Install Tracker
  • Corrigé Fixed application list scroll bar display on Windows Vista/7

Version 3.2

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  • Nouveau Batch Force Removal and Batch Remove Entry functions in Uninstaller)
  • Nouveau Revert option in Install Tracker
  • Nouveau Right-To-Left languages support (Arabic, Hebrew and Persian)
  • Amélioré Even faster startup!
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard scanning: now faster and more accurate
  • Amélioré Registry items display in Uninstall Wizard
  • Amélioré Recent popup window
  • Amélioré Startup Manager - checkboxes to enable/disable items
  • Amélioré Compact view of apps list (see View->Compact List)
  • Amélioré Updated Preferences window
  • Amélioré Program help is now online
  • Amélioré Latvian & Croatian translations update
  • Corrigé Fixed saving of program preferences in some rare cases
  • Corrigé Fixed several false-positives in Uninstall Wizard scanning
  • Corrigé Fixed some rare crash when using Force Removal on some programs
  • Corrigé Improved look & feel of task pane when Windows themes are off
  • Corrigé Startup Manager: fixed duplicate items on x64 systems
  • Corrigé Fixed some memory leaks and other small issues

Version 3.1.1

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  • Amélioré Improved Uninstall Wizard scanning (in C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local folder)
  • Amélioré 'Install and Trace' in context menus in 32-bit applications on 64-bit Windows (e.g. Total Commander)
  • Amélioré Trial license manager improvements
  • Amélioré Dutch, Armenian and Chinese_Simplified update
  • Corrigé Fixed slow traces scanning in Uninstall Wizard (on x64 systems)
  • Corrigé Fixed some rare false positive in Uninstall Wizard on x64 Windows (thanks to Kurbster)

Version 3.1

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  • Nouveau Native 64-bit version of Uninstall Tool. One setup includes both 64-bit and 32-bit modules and will install the required version depending on the current Windows
  • Nouveau 'Install and Trace' item in Windows 7 taskbar popup
  • Amélioré Ability to enter space character in the search filter
  • Amélioré The dialog informing about running processes
  • Amélioré Icon detection
  • Corrigé Install Tracker: choosing of the main item when multiple programs installed
  • Corrigé Reloading of program list after uninstallation
  • Corrigé Saving/restoring of main window position in some situations

Version 3.0.1

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  • Amélioré Main window behavior in maximized state
  • Amélioré Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Dutch, Arabic languages update
  • Corrigé Incorrect shell extension behavior on Windows Vista/7
  • Corrigé Some rare crash when using Install Tracker
  • Corrigé Displaying of apps with size > 4 GB

Version 3.0

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  • Nouveau Install Tracker - install and trace programs. 100% clean removal afterwards!
  • Nouveau 90% of program code is rewritten/reviewed/optimized
  • Nouveau Secondary toolbar with additional functions (can be hidden)
  • Nouveau Adjustable positions of toolbars (top/bottom/side)
  • Nouveau Automatic check for updates (optional) and new version dialog with 'what's new' list
  • Nouveau New HTML report (both for Uninstaller and Startup manager)
  • Nouveau Run different Windows Tools (Tools menu)
  • Nouveau New preferences dialog
  • Nouveau Uninstall Wizard: detection of running processes among found traces; termination on request
  • Nouveau Uninstall Wizard: informs and removes (on next system reboot) files that are in use by the system
  • Nouveau Ability to force stop uninstall processes (when third-party uninstaller is freezed)
  • Nouveau Display of recent items in the secondary toolbar with grouping (Apps/System/Hidden)
  • Nouveau Google for program name (Ctrl+G) and its publisher (see 'Action' menu)
  • Nouveau Startup: Multiple items selection
  • Nouveau Startup: Company column to display item's publisher/author
  • Amélioré Revised and improved User Interface (including new icons)
  • Amélioré Simplified use of task panel (in the left of Uninstaller and Startup managers), added keyboard navigation
  • Amélioré Added ability to be pinned to Windows 7 Taskbar or Start Menu
  • Amélioré Program stability
  • Amélioré Program preferences are always saved to the 'preferences.xml' file
  • Amélioré Caching algorithms. Uninstaller cache is now saved to 'CachedData.dat' file. Refresh cache by the Refresh button (F5)
  • Amélioré Search filter usage
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard: faster scanning
  • Amélioré Better programs listing, better icons detection
  • Amélioré List view with small icons looks better now
  • Amélioré Startup: handling situation when there're no items in the list
  • Amélioré Large number of other small improvements and fixes

Version 2.9.8

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  • Nouveau new main icon, get prepared for Uninstall Tool 3!

Version 2.9.7

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  • Nouveau Program preferences are now saved in a file when running in portable mode
  • Amélioré Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian languages updated
  • Amélioré Control Panel Icon option is disabled when running in Portable Mode
  • Corrigé Fixed small issue when replacing Add/Remove Applet in Windows XP

Version 2.9.6

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  • Nouveau Uninstall Tool is digitally signed now for better performance on Windows Vista/7
  • Nouveau Uninstall Tool can be portable now!
  • Amélioré Windows XP color theme is back for all Windows 2000/XP users (modern theme can be turned on/off in the View menu)
  • Amélioré Setup: more languages, option to add Uninstall Tool icon to Control panel
  • Amélioré New convenient confirmation messages in Windows 7 style
  • Amélioré Improved removal of products installed with Microsoft MSI installer
  • Amélioré Checking for new version is now available in Help menu
  • Amélioré Startup programs: better checks for item validity
  • Amélioré Small About dialog re-styling
  • Corrigé Fixed random rare crash when browsing Startup programs
  • Corrigé Fixed main icon display in Windows Vista/7
  • Corrigé Small but numerous bug fixes

Version 2.9.5

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  • Nouveau Better compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Amélioré Improved items selection for the program list (now good-looking and convenient)
  • Corrigé Fixed color theme of ExplorerBar on Vista and 7 (previously was too dark and grey)
  • Corrigé Fixed the issue when programs had 'n/a' in the 'Installed On' column
  • Corrigé Fixed navigation to registry source of some items in Startup

Version 2.9

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  • Nouveau new Status Bar with detailed statistics and access to recent programs
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard is improved to find more traces of some popular programs
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard is now more safe - added detection of cases when Install Location is shared between several programs
  • Amélioré Windows Vista/7 fonts support for ExplorerBar and Programs List
  • Amélioré Startup function: improved names of startup items (more descriptive and readable)
  • Amélioré text size in program is now accordingly to Windows preferences
  • Amélioré improved user language auto detection
  • Amélioré Esc button hotkey is used now to reset current search filter
  • Amélioré increased GUI reaction speed in some situations
  • Amélioré small improvement in algorithm of detecting programs icons
  • Corrigé Startup function: fixed behavior of ExplorerBar (when no programs found), other small issues fixed
  • Corrigé fixed duplicate items in 64 bit versions of Windows
  • Corrigé fixed handling of cases when a program is installed of multiple versions
  • Corrigé several memory and GDI leaks found and fixed - improved stability
  • Corrigé several minor fixes

Version 2.8.1

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  • Amélioré updated languages
  • Corrigé fixed wrong calculation of install location of some programs

Version 2.8

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  • Nouveau menu graphics, updated ExplorerBar icons
  • Nouveau feature to add new startup items (Startup programs category)
  • Amélioré more advanced status bar with progress of calculation of applications occupied size
  • Amélioré ability to switch languages from View menu
  • Amélioré better MSI (Windows Installer) installations scanning
  • Amélioré popup window with recent program is limited to 20 recent items
  • Amélioré improved automatic interface language detection
  • Amélioré better Preferences dialog appearance
  • Corrigé fixed not displaying of some programs (specially in Windows Vista)
  • Corrigé fixed empty names and icons in some Startup items
  • Corrigé fixed caching algorithms to improve performance
  • Corrigé fixed slow exit from the program (in some situations)
  • Corrigé fixed toolbar buttons width in some languages (innecessary space)
  • Corrigé some small Uninstall Wizard fixes

Version 2.7.2

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  • Amélioré better finding of program icons for Startup programs
  • Corrigé small bug fixes

Version 2.7.1

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  • Corrigé UninstallWizard: fixed issue with Adobe Air
  • Corrigé fixed bug with not displaying of program icons

Version 2.7

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  • Nouveau New multi-column programs list
  • Nouveau Startup programs: sorting programs by name and status
  • Nouveau Startup programs: X64 support with option to highlight X64 and X86 programs
  • Nouveau Startup programs: ability to navigate to a source of an item
  • Nouveau Startup programs: check programs validity
  • Nouveau Remove Entry feature (for simply removing the program from the list)
  • Amélioré Startup programs: more detailed program description
  • Amélioré Faster browsing of registry entry of a program
  • Amélioré Office 2007 compatibility improved
  • Amélioré Minor user interface improvements
  • Corrigé UninstallWizard: fixed false positive in Application Data in Vista
  • Corrigé Fixed small issues in X64 versions of Windows
  • Corrigé Fixed error 740 in Vista when Uninstall Tool setup is finished

Version 2.6.3

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  • Corrigé UninstallWizard: fixed finding of leftover items in Start Menu
  • Corrigé UninstallWizard: fixed removing folders in Program Files
  • Corrigé UninstallWizard: fixed false positive leftover items discovery

Version 2.6.2

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  • Corrigé OpenOffice removal fixed
  • Corrigé UninstallWizard: random crash fixed
  • Corrigé UninstallWizard: invalid file icons fixed

Version 2.6.1

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  • Nouveau ability to check for new versions of Uninstall Tool
  • Amélioré UninstallWizard: minor enhancements
  • Corrigé enhancements and fixes in preferences dialog

Version 2.6

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  • Nouveau new way of displaying software updates (tree like)
  • Nouveau differentiating x64 and x86 programs option (only for x64 Windows)
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard ™: complete x64 compatibility
  • Amélioré status bar now changes its status when search filter changes
  • Amélioré Windows Vista x64: icon in Control Panel is displayed now

Version 2.5

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  • Nouveau UninstallWizard: removal of COM objects
  • Amélioré Uninstall Wizard ™ became more intelligent and faster
  • Amélioré UninstallWizard: removal of realy-only files
  • Amélioré updated some language files
  • Corrigé corrections in licensing code
  • Corrigé small corrections in Force Removal feature

Version 2.4

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  • Nouveau Uninstall Wizard ™ technology for complete and clean uninstallation
  • Nouveau added Uninstall Tool icon to Control Panel in Windows Vista
  • Amélioré Force Removal feature now also removes leftover file system and registry items
  • Amélioré more intelligent way of finding programs install locations
  • Amélioré filter box enhancements (clear button)
  • Amélioré better way of categorization of System software
  • Corrigé wrong error message when recalculating cache
  • Corrigé uninstall process didn't start with some applications
  • Corrigé fixed program freezing on waiting for some uninstall programs
  • Corrigé corrected install locations for MS Office 2007 components

Version 2.3.2

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  • Amélioré faster loading of program icons and occupied sizes, faster startup
  • Amélioré faster programs removal
  • Amélioré force removal of X64 programs (Windows XP/2003/Vista X64)
  • Corrigé removed blinking of applications list

Version 2.3.1

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  • Nouveau added complete compatibility with X64 Windows (Windows XP/2003/Vista X64)

Version 2.3

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  • Nouveau possibility to modify the components of installed programs (if possible)
  • Nouveau new localization engine with support of languages from previous program versions
  • Amélioré installation process optimization (faster)
  • Amélioré faster start-up
  • Amélioré correct support of different licensing schemas
  • Amélioré correct self removal
  • Amélioré automatic program restart after entering registration key
  • Corrigé fixed problems with some products installed using Windows Installer
  • Corrigé crash fixed on listing certain products (buffer overflow)
  • Corrigé crash fixed on some Microsoft system updates with empty name
  • Corrigé Windows Vista: add/remove systems components feature now works
  • Corrigé Windows Vista: correct applying of Windows styles to program dialogs
  • Corrigé Windows Vista: removed the non working feature to replace Add/Remove program
  • Corrigé many other small fixes and improvements

Version 2.2.1

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  • Amélioré startup speed improvement
  • Corrigé registration, trial fixes and improvements
  • Corrigé misc fixes

Version 2.2

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  • Nouveau remove programs, that automatically run at system startup
  • Nouveau highlighting of recently installed applications in the list
  • Nouveau smart popup window with recently installed applications
  • Nouveau new, advanced Preferences dialog (colors configuration)
  • Amélioré ExplorerBar Windows XP/Vista themes support
  • Amélioré filter improvements
  • Corrigé fixed some Mozilla products uninstallation problems
  • Corrigé many small improvements and fixes

Version 2.1

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  • Nouveau new main icon
  • Amélioré Faster caching algorithms
  • Amélioré Sort toolbar button switch behaviour
  • Amélioré Croatian language added
  • Amélioré restore standard uninstaller on trial over
  • Corrigé fixed some filter box bugs
  • Corrigé crash fixed in the nag dialog
  • Corrigé fixed some caching problems - now the program is even faster
  • Corrigé fix in program size determination (invalid huge size)
  • Corrigé fixed problems with freezing Mozilla products uninstallation
  • Corrigé right click and double mouse click on empty list area fixed

Version 2.0.7

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  • Amélioré added Latvian and Korean interface languages

Version 2.0.6

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  • Amélioré added UNICODE support for registration names
  • Corrigé fixes in finding Adobe products install locations
  • Corrigé minor fixes

Version 2.0.5

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  • Nouveau jump to a program installation path with Total Commander (if installed)
  • Amélioré new, faster caching algorithm
  • Amélioré new better way of finding applications install location
  • Amélioré better method of application group identification
  • Amélioré removed program duplicates from the list
  • Corrigé miscellaneous fixes

Version 2.0.1

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  • Amélioré added Japanese translation
  • Corrigé fixed restoring window maximized state

Version 2.0

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  • Nouveau new, completely rewritten cool user interface
  • Nouveau 3 applications categories: Software, System, Hidden
  • Nouveau 3 ways of sorting applications: by Name, by Occupied Size, by Installation Date
  • Nouveau Option to replace Add/Remove program
  • Amélioré better way of calculation program size
  • Corrigé fixed some issues with restoring item selection
  • Corrigé fixed icon compatibility with Windows 2000
  • Corrigé various fixes

Version 1.6.6

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  • Amélioré new languages added
  • Corrigé some fixes

Version 1.6.5

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  • Amélioré Added crash report feature
  • Amélioré Added FAQ to the help file
  • Amélioré added some languages
  • Corrigé serious fix: data in registry stayed when program has been removed
  • Corrigé some programs were not displayed - fixed
  • Corrigé minor fixes

Version 1.6

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  • Nouveau Display of program's occupied disk space
  • Nouveau Portability, became even faster!
  • Nouveau Added startup tooltip for beginners
  • Amélioré Much better way to find program installation path
  • Amélioré Removed JumpTo menu, all elements are in the root of the Action menu
  • Amélioré Removed horizontal scroll bar
  • Amélioré Only one copy of the program can run simultaneously now
  • Amélioré Added standard icon in tooltip for items with no icon
  • Amélioré Removed ability to maximize window (what for?)
  • Amélioré A better way of loading language xml files
  • Amélioré Item's background changing fixed
  • Amélioré Now the number of current items in the list unchanges when changing filter
  • Corrigé TheBat Fix (previously was hidden for some reasons)
  • Corrigé Disable tooltip on empty area
  • Corrigé some languages fixes, grammar fixes, changed some Help menu commands

Version 1.5.1

Publiée le
  • Amélioré new languages added (now the program totally supports 20 languages)

Version 1.5

Publiée le
  • Corrigé Display of program icons with icons caching (to quicken loading later)
  • Corrigé Full multilingual support (UTF-8 formatted xml language files)
  • Corrigé Japanese, Bulgarian and Belarussian languages added
  • Corrigé New customizable tooltips with hyper-links
  • Corrigé Ability to maximize window
  • Corrigé Display/Hide Windows updates feature
  • Corrigé Navigate menu with to go to web site, program folder or registry
  • Corrigé New UI icons
  • Corrigé Now the program comes with installer
  • Corrigé New about dialog and credits
  • Corrigé Toggle hidden: no refresh, selection save
  • Corrigé Alcohol 120% fix (an empty line)
  • Corrigé Filter change: disabled displaying hidden elements if they are off
  • Corrigé Menu items remained uncheked when switching languages
  • Corrigé Startup directory fix (for proper reading of options.xml)
  • Corrigé Save HTML unicode strings problem fixed
  • Corrigé Program crash fix when regedit.exe absents on the target system
  • Corrigé Program crash fix on right click when the list is empty
  • Corrigé Program crash fix when refreshing after uninstall
  • Corrigé Program crash fix when choosing View menu if no item selected

Version 1.3

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  • Nouveau 'Jump to' feature to navigate the item in the registry
  • Nouveau Show warnings (with new icon in the statusbar) when uninstall fails
  • Amélioré TAB switch removed (filter now is always on)
  • Amélioré Ukrainian and Spanish languages added
  • Amélioré Language strings moved to resources
  • Amélioré Saving selection in the list for all actions
  • Amélioré Mouse scrolling fixes when Smooth-scroll feature is on
  • Amélioré No list refresh when switching languages
  • Corrigé Bug with waiting for child processes fixed
  • Corrigé Many small bugfixes

Version 1.2a

Publiée le
  • Corrigé some filter box minor fixes

Version 1.2

Publiée le
  • Nouveau filter box to filter installed applications list
  • Nouveau now the program waits for all uninstaller's child process
  • Amélioré minimum window position handling
  • Amélioré statusbar update while uninstalling
  • Amélioré info icon in the status bar added
  • Amélioré nice credits :) - see about dialog for details
  • Corrigé some tooltip fixes
  • Corrigé ability to show only current user installed software feature REMOVED
  • Corrigé saving position fixes
  • Corrigé many misc bug fixes

Version 1.1

Publiée le
  • Nouveau ability to add/remove windows components
  • Nouveau cool and more informative tooltips added
  • Nouveau finally help added!
  • Nouveau ability to show only current user installed software
  • Nouveau saving the list to a .html file
  • Nouveau red color added to indicate items without uninstallation
  • Nouveau main icon changed
  • Amélioré French, dutch languages added
  • Amélioré window position saved
  • Amélioré more informative statusbar with colorful icons
  • Corrigé bug: menu items remained grayed if uninstallation program didn't start
  • Corrigé window resizing fix
  • Corrigé listbox coloring fixes
  • Corrigé many windows 9x compatibility bugs fixed
  • Corrigé loading fix - became even faster!
  • Corrigé quit on escape fix: options are saved now
  • Corrigé great memory leaks found and fixed

Version 1.0 beta 3

Publiée le
  • Nouveau multilingual support added, Russian language added
  • Nouveau status label added
  • Nouveau saving the list to a .txt file
  • Amélioré horizontal scrollbar added
  • Amélioré minor interface improvements
  • Corrigé now pressing Enter means uninstalling selected program - not quit
  • Corrigé keyboard accelerator fixes
  • Corrigé window resizing fix

Version 1.0 beta 2

Publiée le
  • Amélioré ability to check whether uninstallation was successful
  • Amélioré now icons are in 256 colors mode for compatibility with Windows < XP
  • Amélioré project recompiled with VC++ 6 for compatibility with Windows versions < XP
  • Amélioré restores the selection after uninstallation

Version 1.0 beta 1

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