Uninstall Tool Preferences

General. Configures basic program behaviour.

  • Check for updates on program startup. Uninstall Tool is able to check for new version automatically every time it starts (in background). If a new version is available the program will notify you in the right bottom corner:

    You can also check for updates manually from the Help->Check For Updates menu.
  • Show Uninstall Tool icon in Control Panel After enabling this option Uninstall Tool will add its icon to the Control Panel (in Windows Vista/7 it's visible only in classic/list mode)
  • Navigate to program directory using Total Commander
  • Navigate to a selected application installation folder using Total Commander (by default Windows Explorer is used). Note: this option is available if Total Commander is detected on your system.
  • Interface Language You can select here the locale for program dialogs, messages, etc. Note: some languages are not up-to-date and some labels/texts can still appear in English after switching to another language. Language files are constantly updated, make sure you're using the latest version of the program. You can help us and translate Uninstall Tool to your native language or update an existent translation.

Interface. Customize the look and feel of Uninstall Tool.

  • Display toolbar buttons captions Toggle display of main toolbar button titles
  • Apply Windows themes to the left pane Enable Windows themes to the left task panel. This options is on by default, you can turn it off if the Task Panel looks ugly with your theme.
  • Windows 7/8 selection Scheme Make the list selection as it appears in some Windows Vista/7
  • Compact list with apps Application list item height is 32px by default. Enabling this option will make it equal to 16px. This feature is useful when you have a lot of applications installed.
  • Mark 32-bit apps 32-bit apps are marked with "32-bit" mark when running on 64-bit Windows.
  • Color Scheme Customize the background colors of application list control (both for Uninstaller and Startup managers).

Uninstaller. Configure the way the Uinstaller works.

  • Sort list initially by column It's sometimes useful to sort the list of apps initially (for example, by installation date, too see the most recent apps on the top).
  • Display Software Updates On by default. Displays updates in a tree-like way, with sub-items.
  • Highlight recently installed programs Highlighlight recently installed programs background with special color.
  • Display a popup window with recently installed applications Useful option to be notified about new programs in a popup window in the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • Display recent programs in a secondary toolbar See recent programs directly from the main window:
  • Uninstall Wizard ™ usage: You can use this option to turn Uninstall Wizard always on/off or to let you be asked each time whether to launch it or not (default).

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