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Audio CD Images support

Some programs have support for creating an image of Audio CD (NRG, BIN/CUE format or PDI format). These Audio CD images cannot be converted to ISO format due to the ISO format restrictions. NRG and BIN/CUE images can be extracted to individual WAV files using AnyToISO. Creation of ISO image from an AudioCD is impossible due to ISO format restrictions, use BIN/CUE image instead.

I click Convert but nothing happens!

Please be sure that the file you'd like to convert is exactly in one of the supported formats. It often happens that a file has a supported extension, although in reality it's of a totally different format (for example .bin - can be almost any file, while AnyToISO supports only BIN images created with software like Roxio Toast, NTI Dragon Burn, Roxio Easy Media Creator, Golden Hawk Technology CDRWin, Daemon Tools, IsoBuster, EZB Systems UltraISO, and some others.).

Do you provide a refund in some cases?

Yes. If the program does not work as advertised, please provide us with proof of this (a link, torrent, ftp link, e-mail, etc. to the image that you can not convert with PRO version of the program). If the file is one of supported formats, the refund will be processed in full immediately.

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