Official Reseller in China

CrystalIDEA Software is pleased to confirm that Li Yichi is our official reseller for the People’s Republic of China. Li Yichi has been granted the exclusive right to sell Uninstall Tool licenses on the e-commerce site Taobao. His store is called DIGITALYCHEE.

There are no other official retailers of our software in China. If you are aware of any unauthorised reseller, please make sure to report them to our sales team.

CrystalIDEA Software 软件公司很高兴授权 李逸池 为我们在中华人民共和国的官方代理商。李逸池 拥有「Uninstall Tool」的独家代理权,在淘宝网进行销售,其网店名称为「数码荔枝」

「数码荔枝」正版软件店是我们在中国的唯一官方代理商。如果您看到了其他未授权店铺,烦请您向我们的 销售团队 联系举报,非常感谢!


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