Official Reseller in China

CrystalIDEA Software is pleased to confirm that DIGITALYCHEE TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD is our official reseller for the People’s Republic of China.

DIGITALYCHEE has been granted the right to sell Uninstall Tool and Macs Fan Control licenses on its website:

Please don’t purchase our products from unauthorized websites - it will never be a genuine and safe download. Obviously you’ll never have the official customer support, updates and tech assistance in this case.


CrystalIDEA Software 授权 苏州荔枝数码科技有限公司 为大中国区官方合作伙伴, 并享有本公司旗下正版软件 Uninstall Tool / Macs Fan Control 在中国的销售资质。 该合作伙伴的商城名为 「数码荔枝正版软件」商城, 商城网址为:。 请勿在其他未经授权的网站购买我们的软件。 我们不再为这样的顾客提供任何售后服务, 包括:密钥找回、版本更新、技术支持。

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