Your Firefox/Skype/Chrome/Thunderbird is working slowly?

Boost them all in a single click with SpeedyFox absolutely for free!

You get:

  • Boost Startup in up to 3 times!
  • Speed-up browsing history
  • Overall quicker operation
  • Smaller profile size
  • Supported Apps: Firefox, Chrome, Epic, Iron, Opera, Palemoon, Skype, Thunderbird, Yandex, Cyberfox, Slimjet, Vivaldi

    Download: (version 2.0.19)

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    Mentioned programs start working much slowly with the lapse of time. The reason is fragmentation of profile databases. A free tool SpeedyFox is designed specially to resolve that problem. The method used in SpeedyFox is 100% safe for your profile (e.g. bookmars, passwords, etc), it's well documented and tested on millions computers. Learn more

  • Command line usage:

    /<program_name>:<profile_name> - optimize a certain profile (you can find its name in the SpeedyFox profiles tree)
    /<program_name>:<profile_path> - optimize custom profile located at
    (e.g. for portable versions of supported programs)

    For software catalogs: PAD file, software installation monitor