CrystalIDEA Refund Policy


Software developed by CrystalIDEA is available on a try-before-you-buy basis, there are free Demo versions you can download to ensure that you can fully experience it prior to making your purchase. When available, documentation for software is also available on-line. We encourage you to review the documentation and try the software prior to making your purchase to ensure that it meets your requirements. To help you make the right decision, you can always contact us.

Since all of our products are intangible irrevocable goods (digital software), delivered instantly once payment is received, they come with a 30-Day Honor-Based Money-Back Guarantee. Honor-based means we will be glad to return your investment providing that:

  • we are sure the product is malfunctioning (i.e. doesn't function according to the features declared at the product’s homepage or other official product documents) on the client’s computer/mobile device;
  • we receive assistance in finding out the details of the problem on the side of the customer;
  • we fail to address the deficiency within a reasonable amount of time.

If you are not satisfied with software purchased directly from CrystalIDEA, please contact our Customer Service within 30 days of your purchase to receive a refund.

In case you are issued a refund, it should appear on your credit card statement within 7 to 10 business days. Upon receiving a refund you shall cease all use and destroy all copies, full or partial, of the Software for which you no longer possess a valid, purchased license. All issued license keys are revoked and you will loose the ability to use the refunded products.


CrystalIDEA may decline refund claims in the following cases:

  • The client refuses to follow the instructions of the CrystalIDEA Software Customer Service Team or doesn't provide the requested assistance.
  • The software was purchased by mistake or on assumption that it does something that it is not intended to do.
  • The client purchased the software for an OS different from that used by the client (in this case we will be glad to change the license for the needed one, if possible).
  • The problem is caused by the client's system or network settings or by a third-party application or device.
  • The client changed their mind and no longer wants the product for non-technical reasons.
  • The software was ordered as part of a time-limited promo.
  • The client purchased or downloaded another software that seems to meet their needs better according to their own assumptions.
  • A refund is requested due to an issue that could have been tested with the free trial/demo version, since the software is delivered to the licensee “as is”.
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