Switching to GitHub for support

Switching to GitHub for support

Good news! We has discontinued our phpBB forum and moved support tickets to the GitHub issue tracker. GitHub issues is nowadays the best way to deal with bugs, feature requests and technical support problems.

Issue Tracker for Uninstall Tool
Issue Tracker for AnyToISO
Issue Tracker for Macs Fan Control

Additonally we’ll be keeping release archive for every app at GitHub (example for Macs Fan Control) along with its translations. If you feel confortable with git, you can simply create a pull request to update your translation.

Another obvious advantages are:

  • GitHub is convenient, intuitive and straightforward
  • The old forum didn’t seem to be active
  • Many people already have a GitHub account, making a new one is a piece of cake
  • Less work for us to administrate the forum and deal with spam

The old forum will stay online though in the read-only mode.