Supported Temperature Sensors

Here's the (to be updated) list of Mac temperature sensors supported by the app.

  • Airport Card - temperature of the sensor on integrated Wi-fi module
  • Ambient, Ambient 2 - surrounding temperatures inside mac
  • CPU Core 'X' - momentary temperature of one of CPU (Central Processor Unit) cores. Sometimes it's not the best source for sensor-based control because of intense fluctuations.
  • CPU Diode - temperature read from CPU die sensor
  • CPU Proximity - temperature read from a sensor located right next to CPU
  • DIMM Module 'X' - temperature read from a RAM (operating memory) slot
  • Optical Drive - temperature read from Optical Drive sensor on iMacs with optical drive (models prior to Slim Unibody iMac 2012). This sensor is responsible for cooling down Graphic Card, not the actual optical drive
  • GPU Diode - temperature read from graphics card die
  • GPU Heatsink - temperature read from graphics card heatsink
  • HDD Proximity - temperature sensor near hard drive on some iMac models
  • PECI GPU - temperature from Intel integrated graphics chip
  • Drive Bay 'X' - temperature read from a 3.5 drive bar number 'X' on Mac Pro (2006-2012)

Icons meaning:

  • CPU (Central Processor) related
  • GPU (Graphic Card) related
  • Optical drive sensor
  • Integrated Wi-fi module
  • Power Supply Unit related
  • Hard drive
  • SSD drive

Supported sensors discussion on GitHub. To discover max allowed temperature for your CPU please use this manual.