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CrystalIDEA Software was founded in 2005, it's a privately owned Internet company working on the professional development of Windows/Mac OS X software. The customers of CrystalIDEA are individuals, commercial organizations and state structures (see our customers page for details).

CrystalIDEA introduces revolutionary approach to software quality by releasing effective and powerful products for end-users.

The first product of CrystalIDEA, Uninstall Tool was first developed 2005, but grew from a simple application to probably the most popular apps manager (not just a 'tool') in the Windows world. It was noted in a large number of magazines and web sites as the most fair and perfect program in its class.

CrystalIDEA company is proud of its software achievements. The company endeavors to improve its existing products while researching and developing new technologies and constantly looking for ways to improve its products. The company always provides professional, helpful, and responsive replies to inquires and any software related difficulties.

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